Top choices for a romantic getaway in Greece

by Jules on March 14, 2013

When it comes to romantic getaways, Greece is a destination that has so much to offer. Its combination of glorious weather, gorgeous landscapes and quaint towns makes it, in my opinion, ideal for a spot of romance. Of course, the key question is, where exactly should you go? Below, you’ll find my top tips, while you can get some more inspiration at


Three of my top four romantic destinations are islands – not surprising, really, when you think about the stunning scenery and idyllic attractions of the Greek isles. So, I thought I’d begin with these before heading back to the mainland for my final recommendation.

First up, we have the island of Santorini, which is easily one of the most romantic locations you’ll find anywhere in Greece. Famous for its blue-domed churches, whitewashed houses and luxurious hotels, it is also well-known for its incredible sunsets.

In fact, it’s these sunsets that I think make it particularly perfect for romantic breaks, since they’re just so spectacular. As a quick tip, they’re best viewed from the little villages of Oia and Imerovigli. When it comes to where to stay, I’d recommend Oia for its vistas, as well as Megalohori which, being in the heart of the wine-producing region, is surrounded by lovely vineyards.


The next destination I’d like to draw your attention to is Mykonos. This charming island is another place blessed with great scenery and traditional buildings, but there’s one particular spot I think is fab for couples – Alefkantra.

Also known as Little Venice, this is a wonderfully romantic district that’s celebrated for its gorgeous buildings. Take a relaxing stroll hand in hand here and you can see impressive mansions with balconies prettily perched over the water, while on the hill above the district are some of the scenic windmills the island’s famous for.

If you fancy staying somewhere a bit livelier and more cosmopolitan, though, you can head to Hora, which is the capital. Particularly worth a visit is Matoyanni Street, where you can dine out in style and shop till you drop.


Also known as Kerkyra, the island of Corfu is the next place on my list – more specifically, the city of the same name. The Old Town of Corfu city is a particular gem for couples, being home to romantic narrow streets and all kinds of gorgeous architecture, including Renaissance, Baroque and Classical buildings.

Among the prettiest places to visit is Liston, which was once a favourite among aristocrats for walking and today is a great spot to grab a coffee in a little cafe, with arcades forming the ideal backdrop.


Over in Peloponnese in southern Greece is our final top romantic spot – Mystras. This lovely little Byzantine tower town oozes charm, looking every inch the ultimate fairytale destination. Indeed, what I love about it is its magical air – the whole place just feels like it’s been taken from the pages of a storybook.

You see, it’s home to all kinds of wonderful architecture nestled in gorgeous vegetation, which makes you feel like you and your partner are stepping into the past. Some of the absolute must-visits here include the Kastro (or the Frankish castle), the Palace of the Despots and the Cathedral of Saint Dimitrios.

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