6 Peaceful Mediterranean Getaways

by Jules on July 20, 2012

Traveling in the Mediterranean offers many places to relax and experience tranquil beauty. The architecture, delicious foods, historic buildings and the interesting sights combine to make your trip a memorable occasion.

Volcano Sighting in Greece

White houses and the azure water lends a tranquil appearance to Santorini, Greece. The village of Oia has the reputation for some of the most colorful sunsets in the world. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for admiring the submerged crater of the volcano, shopping or traveling via foot to the many picturesque vistas.

Bike Tour in Spain

Exploring Barcelona, Spain on a bike tour is a pleasurable way to see the sights up close. The tour takes you through pedestrian streets and along bike paths. View historic and lovely landmarks, such as the Olympic Marina and Village, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Casa Mila, Ciutadella Park and much more.

Tuscany Farmhouse in Italy

Stay at a Tuscan farmhouse in Siena, Italy to get a feel for the Italian culture. Explore the breathtaking region of Chianti during your visit. Siena is full of historic buildings and fabulous restaurants where you can partake of popular local dishes. This is also a marvellous spot to imbibe in the flavourful wines.

Cruising in Malta

Take a ferry cruise to the Island of Comino in Malta to visit the Blue Lagoon. Swim in the sparking turquoise waters and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. This is a lovely sight to snorkel to view the variety of multi-coloured fish. Other visitors may prefer to set out on foot to explore the island. Take along plenty of sunscreen, walking shoes and sunglasses to enjoy the scenery in comfort.

Camping in Croatia

Spend a few days bonding with family and new friends while camping at the Kornati National Park in Croatia. This is a lovely way to explore the island and the town of Murter at a relaxed pace. Enjoy scheduled activities or engage in more leisurely pastimes, such as star gazing, sitting around a crackling campfire or relishing the best of Mother Nature during a hike.

Cooking Lessons in Turkey

Board a cruise to Bodrum, Turkey to cook with a Turkish family, shop for meals in the fresh produce markets or collect edible foods in the wild. This is a perfect adventure for amateur cooks or professional chefs who desire to learn more about preparing regional dishes from the area.

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