How To Make Going On Holiday A Way To Keep Fit

by Jules on August 2, 2011

Most of us see our annual escape to the sun as an opportunity for indulgence, where we can eat and drink more than when on home soil. For those worried about returning with extra pounds showing on the bathroom scales, why not try one of the many activity holidays available?

Burn off the over-indulgent meal you had the previous night by taking a walking tour or exploring the local area by foot. It is a great way to stumble upon local delights and allows you to choose the pace of your experience. The new sights should take your mind off the exercise and will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Activity holidays are great for friends, couples or even for those travelling alone, as they present many opportunities to make new friends and share in new experiences. These holidays allow you to see places that only locals and experts know about, keeping your experience as authentic as possible. You can be sure to be kept busy with tailored packages offering a range of activities from horse riding to sky diving.

For those in search of the American dream; there are various packages available taking you from state to state. Whether it is camping in the Rocky Mountains, horse-back riding across the Nevada Desert or canoeing down the Mississippi, your US experience will be one of raised pulses and unforgettable experiences.

Tours cater for all ages, from those looking for an action-packed odyssey to those just on a short holiday break. Meet with other travellers and work as a team as you take on challenging activities that will test your physical and mental abilities. You will be enjoying yourself so much that you won’t even realise how hard you are working, making a trip to the gym as exciting as a visit to the dentist!

If you are looking for the ultimate experience, then adventure holidays may just be for you. Discover the heart of a country while taking part in thrilling activities. Usually sold as a package, your tour will be tailored before you depart, allowing you to focus on enjoying a whole host of activities upon arrival.

Why not try something you have never experienced before? Just some of the activities to choose from include white water rafting, sea kayaking and sky diving. Test your skills as you navigate your way down the rivers of Colorado. See Las Vegas as you never have before as you soar through the clouds in a heart-pumping sky dive.

Adventure holidays are available in mini form too, for those with smaller budgets or those looking for a fast-paced long weekend. Enjoy the hiking trails of New York’s Finger Lakes as you leave the bright lights behind on a three-day mini adventure. Or, try a San Francisco to Yosemite four-day tour, which will leave you breathless. Trek through stunning surroundings and enjoy a restful evening as you watch the sunset on a relaxing catamaran cruise.

Adventure and activity holidays are sure to keep your mind off piling on those unwanted holiday pounds through unforgettable experiences at affordable prices. Packages usually include travel and accommodation with food provided for, especially catered for the calorie intake you need for days packed with fast-paced activities. You will also get some time alone where you can enjoy walks or play games if you are still worried about those unwanted pounds. You’ll return feeling relaxed and full of energy with amazing memories to share with envious friends!

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