A Swallow in Vienna

My story starts in Tehran 1997.I and my family decided to move to the America forever. It took us many years of waiting to get our petition to immigrate and to enter United States legally. Finally the time came in July of 1997 but there were still a little complications. We had to go to Vienna, Austria and wait to get our petition because U.S doesn't have an embassy in Iran ever since the invasion of U.S embassy in the capital of Iran by students. I was 16 at the moment and I was the oldest among my siblings. Me and my family never left Tehran what more to leave Iran. For the first time ever since I was born I left my birthplace. I was more than excited. In Vienna I learned the importance of Music and how it impacts the humans life because I listened to classical music every day. I needed this metamorphisis and now after 17 years I still remember the weather in the city of Mozart which was drizzling unlike the dry hot hostile weather of Tehran. Many Iranian Jewish families experience this life changing transformation because thatís the only way to immigrate to the U.S. legally through Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society also known as (HIAS).Vienna was a clean old town and people there were friendly. They have opened their country and their hearts to aid refugees whose life is in danger and live in discrimination because of their faith. The United Nation (UN) observes The refugee day on June 20th of each year. The moment I realized i am going to America I felt like a swallow bird. a swallow bird travels when the season of their lives gets hostile. Swallow are the best flyers and they are the ultimate symbol of music in which to express humans inner most breathtaking moment. Wikipedia which is an online encyclopedia reports that Swallows are the only few creatures on earth that can sing and speak to each other in secret ways when they are excited ,A communication skill that humans can learn. When they want to have babies or when a perpetrator is in the area the Men swallow sings to their women swallows for them to make a decision about the situation and to protect themselves. The song of a swallow is the Music of the Twitter. I think I am a swallow at heart.

A. Eliss

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