Have you ever

Have you ever?

Have you ever just stood still and took everything in? I mean every little detail and studied each second of that moment?
I haven't visited much of the world although when I do travel , I treasure every last moment. Theirs just something about the sea air and the tropical breeze that makes me want to stand still forever and just watch the world go by. When I was in Majorca last year I walked everywhere . I wanted to make sure I had seen everything that was worth seeing. I went exploring in the rock caves, visited nude beaches and even did my fair share of cliff jumping. The best moment for me that holiday had to be after I had just had my favourite dish from the local ta-pas bar and I had decided to take myself for a walk around this unknown corner. The sun was setting right over the calm sea, children were playing volleyball and me ... I got talking to a fisherman that was just locking his boat up. We sat down on the bay and talked about his job and how much he loved it he asked me if I have ever tried fishing or snorkelling and named a bunch of other water sport and activities (some I had never heard of! ) He asked me if I wanted to try wake boarding. I am quite an adventures person and I love trying new sports so I took him up on his offer. He got all the equipment ready and put me in the correct gear (uniform) - and we set off!. For those of you that don't know what wake boarding is basically your on a a board ( like a surf board) holding a rope like piece of equipment which is attached to a boat the boat then sets of pulling you behind and you glide along the water and waves. I started to pick up speed and I was having a fabulous time. I was heading out right towards the horizon and the view was absolutely spectacular! like nothing I had ever seen before in my life. I had a firm grip on the bars and the water was sprinkling at either side of me. I wish someone oculd have took a photo right at that point as it would of been a picture perfect moment. I took a huge breath and just smiled. What an amazing experience and moment in my life.

K. Corbridge.

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