Big Water

It was on a cloudy day in early October last year that i had the opportunity to encounter one of the best travel moment of my life. First, let me introduce myself, a young french girl who likes travel and decided to go on a vacation in Brazil. So, i decided to go to Foz de Iguacu to discover those beautiful waterfalls i had heard about for so long.
This particular day the atmosphere was steamy, humidity was everywhere and along the trail you could experience first-hand the falls. Going on both sides in Brazil and Argentina allowed me to have an outstanding view from the distance and also up-close. When i put my first foot just in front of one of the 7th natural wonder of the world, i was in absolute awe, It was as if i was in a painting and the main character are the beautiful waterfalls of Iguaçu. I first gaze at the foreground: besides the lush of the forest, lies the Parana river. In the background, are the hundreds of falls, with different shapes and heights, some around 50 meters, up to 80 meters for the famous « devil's throat » In that last part of the trail, the falls are getting higher and with more water, you could sense that something huge was about to come out. And there it was, i was in front of this hole, and it started pouring with rain, the humidity was getting at this highest and i was flabbergasted. I managed to take pictures with difficulties, but it was worth the try, it turned out great; Even if i was all soaked-up, this moment was the highlight of my stay.
What i got in addition of a wet pants was the satisfaction of a great day, i had a close encounter with nature. It makes you feel a great appreciation for the moment, just by the simple fact of gazing an outstanding view, that's what i call the power of nature.
R. Bousselma

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