In a shower room, located in a Dublin apartment, I did my best to manuver myself and my hiking pack in the generous 36 x 12 inch standing space. The compartment, for it was hardly a room, was a small sink and bathtub in width and the same small tub in length. I was attempting to undress and side-step into the shower when the door began to creak open and hastily I pulled it shut. The house was empty except for the man sitting in the adjoining room, a man whom I had literally just met.
After pulling the door closed I once again began the attempt to undress and being nearly finished and ready for the great side-step the door again began to creak open, with panic I pulled it shut. This creaking and pulling developed into a cycle and I soon realized that that door was not going to remain closed, because it was unable to latch... The apartment was in the process of being remodeled and the doorframe trim was missing.
“How in the heck was I going to finish undressing, let alone shower, let alone get dressed again with a door that wouldn't stay shut and a male student who I had just met sitting in the nearby room?” Standing nearly naked and pondering my problem while holding the door closed, I remembered that I had been wearing a belt, and so with one hand on the door handle and the other pulling the belt from my pants I begin to resolve the problem. I lassoed the belt around the door handle and look for something to attach it to... there was absolutely nothing within reach and so I held the belt taught while I finished undressing, and then side-stepped into the shower. And so I showered, one hand washing my hair while the other held the belt... it was difficult to say the least. Difficult, but also hilarious and it was all I could do to keep from laughing aloud. Getting dry and putting clothes on without the door opening was also quite the task...After playing hot potato with the belt, in order to free one hand and then the other, while holding the belt taught I was eventually able to emerge from the shower room both cleaned and clothed.
Soon after the other student went to use the shower and when I heard the door being pulled shut time after time I decided to save him from embarrassment and I noisily headed upstairs. Later that afternoon, after we had both conquered the shower room, I know not how he faired or his weapon of choice, perhaps he too had been wearing a belt... the student made a comment about the door being difficult to keep shut and I simply said, "Yeah,.. it was kind of tricky."

E Ertel

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