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This three week tour takes you through some of the world's most unique landscapes. You will stay in traditional ger camps and experience life on the Mongolian steppes including riding horses. You also get to ride camels in the Gobi desert!

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Travel Style: Private Tour
Start Location: Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia
End Location: Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia
Accommodation: Hotels + camping
Period: Spring, Summer and Autumn
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travellers

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Years In Business: 13


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

- Accommodation with 4 star hotel in Ulaanbaatar for twin sharing base
-Tourist GER camp overnight
-All local Transportation 4WD Japanese van
-English speaking guide
-Full board during the trip
-Sightseeing and National park entrance fee
-1L pure water per person per day
-Camel riding in Khongor sand dune
-Horse riding in Terelj National Park

-International transport
-Any additional which is not mentioned above

Prices per person - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. Ulaanbaatar: At arrival, you will meet our guide at airport and check in hotel. Have a rest and after lunch short city tour Short city tour: visit Main Square Sukhbaatar – Chinggis Khan’s monument, Natural History Museum, Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace Museum and visit Zaisan Hill for Panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.
Day 02. Baga Gazriin Chuluu: Drive to Rock formation is very popular by the secret caves and granite rock formation which is about 60km in northwest from Mandalgobi town. The rock formation is located in 1,751m above from the sea level. We will drive through steppe by overview of land-sea, grandiose formation of rocks and basalts. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 03. Tsagaan Suvarga-White Stupa: We will drive to Tsagaan Suvarga which is name of white limestone rock and its height is about 30m tall and shaped strangely because of wind and water erosion. According to research, in 2000, there was a symbol carved on a rock found which possibly from back 5,000 years of the Bronze Age. It is picturesque places in middle Gobi. You may see of cave paintings left from the Bronze Age. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 04. Yoliin Am-Ice Canyon: Drive to Yoliin Am which is beautiful narrow canyon of vulture. On the way, we will see exotic view of running gazelles, grassing camels, view of the desert with boundless view of horizons, rare species of mammals, plants and real live vision of nomads’s life. Also, the Yoliin Am is well known as Eagle valley that located in Three Beauties of Gobi (Gobi Gurvan Saikhan) national park. You may see cavern filled with ice in June and July. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 05. Khongor Sand Dune-Singing Dune: Drive to Khongor sand dune or known as Singing Dune and will enjoy riding of camel and abundant size of sand dune which makes soft melodic sound, has extraordinary length of 100km, 15-20km wide, and height about 200m. So, it is named the sound of the Singing Dune that is produced by the masses of moving sand and can be heard from afar. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 06. Free day: This day, we will relax and leisure nearby the sand dune. Dune journey and camel riding are available. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 07. Bayanzag-Flaming Cliffs: Drive to Bayanzag which is famous by dinosaur skeletons and eggs. Visit to Dinosaur fossils found area. is an important site for both archeological and paleontological findings. Complete dinosaur skeletons and eggs are excavated from red cliffs which look like a fire. The fossil eggs’ width sizes 10-15cm were found in Bayanzag in 1992 at first time in the world. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 08. Ongi Temple Ruin: Drive up to Ongi temple ruin where was main religious center in south of Mongolia. It was built in 18th century, and it was the main religious center of South Mongolia. The lamas (monks) were practicing Buddhist philosophy, astrology and medicine. However, after people’s revolution in 1921, the temples were destroyed and the lamas were murdered. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 09. Kharkhorum: Drive to Kharkhorum an ancient capital city of Mongolia Empire and enjoy archeological site. The city was ancient capital of Mongolian Great Empire in 13th century. There is Buddhist first monastery in the country called Erdenezuu that was built in 1586 and was sacked during the purges in 1937. Only walls and 3 temples remain. In the morning, you may see the prayers of monks. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 10. Orkhon Waterfall: Drive to Orkhon waterfall is 24m high in the volcanic landscape. The black volcanic rocks that carpet the landscape exploded 20-30 thousand years ago. It is situated on connection between of Ulaan Tsutgalan which is local name of the waterfall, and the Orkhon River which is the longest river in Mongolia with length of 1120km. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 11. Tsenkher Hot Spring: Drive to the Hot spring is sulphur spring that emerges from the ground at 85 Celsius degree. It is located on 1860m above from sea level. It is rich with different stones of Mesozoic in the spring and you can see chalk, white stones, boulder flint and kidney stones. And, many people come to under traditional medical treatment. Here you can ride a horse at near the camp. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 12. Khorgo Terkh National Park: Drive to the Khorgo Terkh National Park via Taikhar stone. The park was named by Khorgiin Togoo (Shelter pan) which is formed by volcanic eruption. The Shelter`s pan is 200m wide and 100m deep. Its location is on the east shore of Terkh White Lake (Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur). The lake is situated over 2000m above from sea level and its size is 4km wide, 16km long and 20m deep. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 13. Free day: we will stay at Khorgo Terkh National Park for full day for hiking along Terkh White Lake shore and Khorgo volcano. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 14. Shine Ider Village: Drive to Shine Ider village which located on the way to Murun town. Overnight in ger camp
Day 15. Khuvsgul Lake: Drive to Lake Khuvsgul via Murun Town. The Khuvsgul lake is dubbed as Mongolia Switzerland and a lake surrounded with green forest mountains. It is the second largest lake, in the Central Asia, which contains 1% of fresh water resource of the world. The length of the lake is 134km and width is 39km, although 46 rivers flow into the lake and Eg river is the only one flowing out it. Will enjoy of clear, fresh of water and nature. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 16. Tsaatan-Reindeer Herder: Drive to Tsaatan that is known as reindeer people, and there are two types of reindeer people such as Tsaatan reindeer and Shaman who live on mountains. Their custom and tradition have been come from Ice Age. They represent life style of Asian, European, and Northern American people who used to live about 10,000 years ago. Visit and experience life of Tsaatan or known as reindeer people and Shaman for a day. Return to Khuvsgul Lake and overnight in ger camp.
Day 17. Free day for full day stay at Khuvsgul Lake and will enjoy of riding horse along the lake. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 18. Uran Togoo Mountain: Drive to Uran Togoo Mountain that is the oldest dead volcano with a unique natural form. It was protected in 1965 under government. Overnight in ger camp
Day 19. Amarbayasgalant Monastery: Drive to Amarbayasgalant monastery and will have small tour in the monastery. The monastery was built in 16th century by Manchurians dedicated to Zanbazar first Bogd Khaan of Mongolia. The ‘Monastery of Tranquil Felicity’, one of the three largest Buddhist centers in Mongolia. It is one of the very few monasteries to have partly escaped the destruction of 1937. Overnight in ger camp.
Day 20. Ulaanbaatar: After breakfast, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar, and after check-in hotel, free time for relax and for shopping. In the evening, enjoy Mongolian folk music and dance performance. Farewell dinner and overnight in the hotel.
Day 21. Departure: Check out hotel and transfer to airport.