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This 9 day private guided tour will take you to all the main wildlife areas in Madagascar. This is a comprehensive tour with the added advantage of your own very experienced nature guide.

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Travel Style: Private Tour
Start Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar
End Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travellers

About The Operator

Accreditations: Section coming soon
Years In Business: 12


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

- Airport transfer.
- A car with a driver from during the tour.
- Food and accommodation for the driver.
- Bed and breakfast for 4 nights for the clients.
-Full board along Tsiribihina River during the camping with camping equipment (like tent, sleeping bag ect...)
- Pirogue style canoe with a boat man.
- Park entrance fees at kirindy forest for the clients .
- Assistance guide from tana till the end in Morondava. (English and French speaking)
- Tax fees for the tour.

- International flights
- Meals for the clients (lunch and dinner) except during the camping along Tsiribihina River
- Local guide fees for the clients at kirindy forest
- Flight ticket from morondava to tana or to tulear, our price is 390 euro for 2 people

Prices per person - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. CAR FROM ANTANANARIVO TO ANDASIBE NATIONAL PARK. (138 km or 4 hours in the car) After the morning breakfast, your personal driver will pick you up from your hotel in Tana, and transport you to Andasibe National Park or known as Perinet national park. The distance from tana to Andasibe Park is 138 km which will take you about four hours driving with tar road and curving. On the way, you will visit one of the practical insect and reptiles reserve at Peyrieras or known as madagascar exotic in marozevo. The visit takes about 1 or 2 hours with your personal guided walk. This is quiet reserve hidden in the jungle. Your local guide will take you on a walk around the zoo, pointing out the many species of beautiful butterflies, moths and different species of chameleons. There are also giant centipedes, pill bugs, crocodiles, geckos and frogs. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the breeding programs on the reserve. (This is an option but you can skip it if you are not keen on it). You can have your lunch at their restaurant or wait until arriving in Moramanga. After stop in this park, you and your driver will then continue to Perinet National Park which is called “THE MUSIC OF THE FOREST.” On route, you will pass next the big town called “Moramanga “. It’s advisable to stop in this town if you are interested to take a picture of the local people at the open local market. Today’s journey stops at the Andasibe National Park. After you have unpacked and rested in the bungalow style for a while. your personal driver will meet you an English speaking local guide taking you for a night walk at Mitsinjo park to see mouse lemurs and other species for nocturnal . Recommended accommodation: (bed and breakfast are included) Hotel grace lodge.
Day 02. TREK THROUGH MITSINJO PARK - Wake up early to breakfast at the hotel and then a guide with your driver will drive you from your hotel to reach Mitsinjo Park. This forest is very well conserved and gives shelter to some habituated indri families and other lemurs, as well as quite a lot of chameleons and geckos. Your chance of seeing reptiles such as parson’s chameleons and birds are better here. When your trek is finished, your driver will take you back to the hotel and you can have your lunch from the hotel. During the afternoon, you still have a chance to visit vakona reserve which is known as “island of lemurs “. You will have 2 mn by pirogue to reach this small reserve where you can play and interact with some group of lemurs. The reserve contains 60 groups of lemurs, terencs birds, crocodiles. Close photographs are guaranteed. After the visits, back to the hotel and will stay at the same place. Recommended accommodation: (bed and breakfast are included) Hotel grace lodge.
Day 03. ANDASIBE PARK BACK TO TANA - ANTSIRABE . (307 km or 6 hours in the car) After the morning breakfast, you will check out from the hotel and pack your luggage in the car and then you will visit Perinet Park with your local guide. Andasibe hosts 11 species of lemurs of which the biggest, the Indri Indri, is easily spotted because of its impressive shrieks. It cannot bear being in captivity, so it can be admired only in its natural milieu. The park also shelters several species of birds, reptiles, insects and batrachians. Return to the vehicle after visits. Leave the Park behind, as you set off back to Antananarivo and then will continue to antsirabe . On route, you will meet the beautiful landscape of the rice field, villages and stop at Ambatolampy to visit very local forging to make cooking pot by aluminium. The town is 68 km south of tana by RN 7 and it’s the largest town between Antananarivo and Antsirabe. On your arrival in Antsirabe, you can relax for a while after the drive. As Antsirabe is beautiful, we recommend you to visit the town on foot or by rickshaw. Recommended accommodation: (bed and breakfast are included). Hotel villa camellia.
Day 04. ANTSIRABE TO MIANDRIVAZO. (220 km or 4 hours in the car) After the morning breakfast, your driver will pick you up from the hotel to visit the highlights around Antsirabe town including precious stone factory where you can learn how they polish the stones. We then visit the natural source of the spring water at the thermal bath and then onto Andrakiba lake. You can have horse ride around Andrakiba Lake and this is an optional. We then make our way to Miandrivazo. On the way we pass a waterfall and then underground hot spring water in Betafo village, as we pass through the changing Malagasy countryside. When you arrive in Miandrivazo there is no real reason to stay here long as it only serves as a place to organize a trip along the Tsiribihina River to descent the 160 km through the wild landscapes of the far Malagasy West. The river trip lasts for 3 and half days, by pirogue (dugout wooden canoe) or you can choose to pay more and travel instead in a comfortable motor boat that takes 1 day less. Recommended accommodation: (bed and breakfast are included) Hotel La Pirogue: (mid range hotel).
Day 05. ALONG TSIRIBIHINA RIVER BY PIROGUE. FIRST LEG: Start the day with your pirogue paddler and personal guide on the impressive Tsiribihina River, as it cuts its way through the rugged mountains that, in places, tower 600 meters above you. View a range of birdlife and many species of large chameleons, all by the riverbank. In the late afternoon your guide will pitch a tent, on a secluded island in the middle of the river. He will build you a fire and cook your dinner. Then sit back and enjoy your meal listening to the sounds of the river and watching the sun go down. Camping at night. (Full board is included).
Day 06. Start the morning with a cooked breakfast as your guide packs up the camp. Then continue your adventure as the river winds through thick forests full of wildlife. Floating peacefully by, you have the opportunity to closely observe the many different types of lemurs, playing in the trees. Your guide will call a stop for lunch at the fabulous waterfall. This is a great place to rest and sometimes to observe curious lemurs. You can swim with this waterfall. Camping at night as before. (Full board is included).
Day 07. Start the morning with breakfast as before. Then it’s back to the river passing tobacco farms and waving to locals as they collect their water. Then stop at a traditional Malagasy village. Isolated and hidden in the jungle this village can only be reached by riverboat, as it’s a 2-day walk to the nearest road. Watch how the villages work and live in their hand built wooden houses. Then back to the river and a surprise as you pass right next to some open caves. This is where hundreds of bats sleep through the day hanging upside down, from the ceiling of rock. Next you will see many Baobab trees on the riverside. These species of unusual, but beautiful trees can only be found in Madagascar. Camping at night as before. (Full board is included).
Day 08. TSARAOTANA VILLAGE - KIRINDY FOREST. (70 km or 3 hours by jeep) After morning breakfast, take your jeep with driver to kirindy forest with bumpy road. This ride will take about 3 hours and you will meet the dry forest on the side of the road and some chameleons, lemurs on the way. When you arrive at kirindy forest, your personal guide will put you in our basic bungalow and organize the night walk with your personal guide to observe fosa and grey mouse lemur and ect ……. Malagasy dish can be served at kirindy restaurant. Recommended accommodation: (bed and breakfast are included) Overnight at Basic bungalow at Kirindy. (Mid range hotel).
Day 09. KIRINDY FOREST – MORONDAVA. (50 km or 2 hours by jeep) Visit kirindy forest with local guide to see seven species of lemurs, birds, reptiles then return to the jeep. Leave kirindy forest to morondava in the afternoon and stop to the baobab avenue on route by sun set. See the traditional tombs of the Sakalava tribe on route. Each grave is decorated to tell the story of the person’s life with drawings and often animal heads. Recommended accommodation: (bed and breakfast are included) Hotel Chez Maggie .( luxury hotel ) NB: the next day, you will take your airport transfer from your hotel to transfer you to the airport where you will fly from Morondava to Tulear or Tana or simply relax on the beach here until you are ready to move on. This area of Madagascar can only be visited during the months of April till November. This is because many of the rivers in the region are uncross able for the rest of the year due to heavy rainfall in the mountainous rainforests to the east. Please note it is advised that you purchase your air tickets before you start the tour to avoid delays although arrangements can also be made here. Depart.