Armenia: The Present and The Past ZT02

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This journey will give you a chance to experience the multi- ethnic,religious and cultural sensation of the Caucasus and Anatolia region. You will experience breathtaking landscapes, be impressed by ancient cultures and authentic delicious food.

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Key Information

Travel Style: Private Tour
Start Location: Yerevan, Armenia
End Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: Spring, Summer and Autumn
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travellers

About The Operator

Accreditations: Section coming soon
Years In Business: 8

Tour Highlights

- Medieval capital Ani, glorious cathedrals, palaces and mosques.
- Akhtamar Island in Lake Van and the unique Holy Cross Church.
- The center of Armenian Apostolic Church Holy Etchmiadzin (UNESCO World Heritage site).
- World-famous repository of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran.
- Urartian fortresses Erebouni and Tushpa.
- Pagan temple Garni, Isíhak Pasha Ottoman palace, rock-carved monastery of Geghard.


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

- Transfers from and to the airport.
- Accommodations in quality hotels (Yerevan 4*, Kars 4*, Igdir 3*, Van 3*).
- Transportation for the total duration of the tour in comfortable Mercedes minibuses air-conditioned and furnished with comfortable seats.
- Full board for the total duration of the tour: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
- Entrance fees to museums and other cultural and historical sites.
- Professional services of a multilingual Tour Guide for all the excursions

- Flights to and from Yerevan.
- Extra meals and personal expenses such as telephone bills, beverages, etc.
- Armenian visa
- Turkey visa

Prices per person - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. Arrival to Yerevan, Matenadaran Museum, Erebouni Fortress. Details: Transfer from the airport, check in and rest in the hotel. Then we visit the world-famous repository of ancient manuscripts in Yerevan, Matenadaran, and explore the birthplace of Yerevan, Erebouni fortress founded in 782 BC (29 years before Rome) by Argishti, King of Urartu. Note, in case of late arrival the above mentioned excursions will be included in the program of Day 6 or Day 7. Overnight accommodations in Yerevan.
Day 02. Medieval Capital Ani (Holy See Cathedral, St. Savior, Apostles). Details: We depart Yerevan to drive to the Armenian-Georgian border and cross the border at Bavra point entering Javakhq region. Through the town of Akhalkalaki we will drive further to the Georgian-Turkish border. Passing the beautiful mountains of the Ardahan region we travel to legendary Ani, the magnificent capital of the powerful Armenian kingdom (9-11th centuries). It was once called the city of one thousand and one churches. We will explore the medieval city, its walls and towers, glorious cathedrals (Holy See Cathedral, St. Savior, Apostles, Tigran Honents, Gagikashen), palaces and mosques that are still standing after a millennium. From Ani we travel to Igdir. Overnight in the hotel in Igdir.
Day 03. Van City and Lake, Sourb Khach (Holy Cross) Cathedral on Akhtamar Island, Tushpa-Van Fortress Details: Departing Igdir we travel to the city of Van. On route from Igdir to Dogubayazit we will enjoy a panoramic view of Mount Ararat from the southern side. Passing over Tendurek mountain range we enter historical Vaspourakan Province. Arriving in Van we will tour the well-preserved Urartian Tushpa-Van fortress (9th century BC) that has impressing cuneiform inscriptions and tombs of kings Sarduri and Argishti. Then we head to Akhtamar, a beautiful island in the turquoise lake that hosts the unique Sourb Khach (Holy Cross) cathedral (10th century). Sb. Khach is one of the most beautiful monuments of religious architecture, all covered with magnificent Biblical relieves outside and frescoes inside. Since 2010 Sb. Khach is the only Armenian Church in service in this region. We will tour the island and the church and spend the rest of the day swimming and resting on the beach. We will taste the famous fish found in Lake Van only called tarekh or inji kefal. Overnight accommodations in the hotel in Van.
Day 04. Varagavank Monastery, Muradiye Waterfalls, Town of Dogubayazit, Daroink Fortress, Isíhak Pasha Palace, Town of Kars, Church of Apostles, Kars Fortress. Details: We take a trip up the Varaga Mountain to Varagavank Monastery (which locals call Seven Churches), the archbishopric seat of medieval Vaspurakan Kingdom. From Varagavank we will travel to Dogubayazit (Bayazet). On the way we will stop and rest by beautiful waterfalls of Muradiye. In old Bayazet we will see the unassailable fortress of Daroink, the Arshakouni kings (1-5th centuries AD) treasury and stronghold. We will tour the magnificent 18th-century palace of Isíhak Pasha, a fortress-palace-mosque complex where Persian, Arabic, Ottoman and Armenian architectural styles are intertwined. From here we travel to Kars, check in the hotel and take a city tour. We will see the medieval stone bridge, the imposing Church of Apostles (10th century) and the fortress of Kars, once the stronghold of the Armenian capital, the seat of Bagratouni kings. Overnight accommodations in the hotel in Kars.
Day 05. Town of Gyumri, Returning to Yerevan. Details: From Kars we drive back to the Turkish-Georgian border. In Georgia we will pass Akhalkalaki, and cross the Georgian-Armenian border. Then we arrive in Gyumri, the second largest town in Armenia. Gyumri used to be an Armenian cultural center in the late 19th early 20th century. We will tour its historical center (old Alexandropol) that has many traditional 19th-century houses and visit a museum located in one of them. Then we return to Yerevan. Overnight accommodations in Yerevan.
Day 06. Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Details: Through beautiful landscapes we drive to the mountains east of Yerevan to the fortress complex of Garni (1st century AD). There is the well-preserved and only Hellenistic (pagan) temple in Armenia and then, farther up in the mountains, the rock-carved monastery of Geghard, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The latter stored the spear that pierced Christís body on the cross (the spare is in Etchmiadzin now). Our final destination is the religious center of the Armenian Church and a UNESCO World Heritage site the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin (founded in 303 AD). We will tour the museum here that keeps extraordinary religious artifacts. Those who wish may attend the evening mass (in case we arrived there in time). Overnight accommodations in Yerevan.
Day 07. Departure Free time in Yerevan. Check out, transfer to the airport and departure.