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This combination tour or north, south and east Ethiopia will show you the historic route in the north, the people in the south, the cultural and historical life, national parks and more.

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Travel Style: Private Tour
Start Location: Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia
End Location: Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travellers

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A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

- Twin share with accommodation in hotels/lodges.
- Breakfast Lunch and dinner every place.
- 4WD car with fuel and driver.
- All entrance and parking fee, for the things mentioned in the program.
- Transfer in and out from airport to hotel and hotel to airport.
- Scout fee.
- Local English speaking guide with visiting place.
- Boat hire in Lake Chamo and Lake Tana.
- All government taxes.

-Any Visa and embarkation fee for departure.
-Laundry service.
-Any Alcohol drinks.
-Video filming and photography fees.

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Day 01. Addis-Debre Markos. Day before - Meet Bole international Airport and transfer Hotel. Drive to Debre Markos via Dejen (the famous area for growing Teff, which is staple food of Ethiopians), after 103 kms drive, visit the 13th C monastery of Debre Libanos and the 17th Portuguese bridge. En route have stop over to visit the Oromo tribal village. Further down, you will enjoy the fabulous Blue Nile gorge, similar to the Grand Canyon of USA. Drive to Debre Markos. O/n Shebel hotel.
Day 02. Debre Markos – Bahar Dar. In the morning drive to Bahar Dar. On the way see the nice landscape and traditional houses and markets. O/n Summer Land Hotel. Day 3, Full day Bahar dar. Start visit Tiss-Issat falls. After Lunch half day Boat trip on Lake Tana to visit Ura Kidane Mihret/ Zeghi Peninsula /and Kibran Gebriel/allowed for men only/ Dinner on your hotel O/n Summer Land Hotel.
Day 03. Full day Bahar dar. Start visit Tiss-Issat falls. After Lunch half day Boat trip on Lake Tana to visit Ura Kidane Mihret/ Zeghi Peninsula /and Kibran Gebriel/allowed for men only/ Dinner on your hotel O/n Summer Land Hotel.
Day 04. BaharDar- Gondar. After breakfast drive to visit Gondar, former capital of Ethiopia . be transferred your hotel and start to visit sightseeing of Gondar town including the Castle of King Fassiledes, the open-air Bath, and Debre Berhan Selassie Church with its 16th Century Paintings and frescoes. Return to your hotel: O/n Lamagar Hotel.
Day 05. Gondar- simen Mountain. After breakfast visit drive continue simen Mountain Park the road passes over Mountains area of wild beauty, drawing close to the National Park. In Amharic semien, mean North. In the Park many of the Mountain Peaks exceed 13,000 ft, the highest is Ras Dejen, at almost 15,00 ft above sea level. These mountains consist of Volcanic masses that have been eroded away by centuries of rain. Today they have amethyst-colored peaks and deep gullies,which have been further deepened by river. The crevices play host to the Walia Ibex of the Semien Mountains and the Gelada Baboons, Which are endemic to Ethiopia . After visit drive back Debark. O/n /Debark Hotel.
Day 06. Debark- Axum. After breakfast drive to Axum. On the way see the chain mountain. O/n Ark Hotel.
Day 07. Full day Axum. The holy city of Ethiopia dating to 2000 years back and the cradle of Ethiopia Civilization with Axumit Kingdom. Morning start visit of Axum which included the Tomb of King Bazen, the pedestals, Museum,/Bath of Queen of Sheba/ the park of Steal, the new and old St.Mary Churches of Zion .Legend has it that the table of the Holy Ark of the Covenant. O/n Ark Hotel.
Day 08. Axum- Mekle. Drive Mekle on the way visit Wukro churches and Negash Mosque. O/n Axum Hotel.
Day 09. Mekle- Lalibela. .Early drive Lalibela on the way see the interesting chain mountain and people. O/n Lal Hotel.
Day 10. Full day Lalibela. Lalibela is still remarkably and beautiful. The village is hardly visible as the horizon is dominated by the peak of mount Abune Yousef. Legend holds that in this town, once called Roha, a mother saw her baby in a cradle surrounded by a deans swarm of bees. Ethiopian belief is that animal world could foretell the advent of important personages, so she called her son Lalibela meaning “ the bees recognize his sovereignty” After break fast start to visit the 1st part of the Rock Hewn churches/ / there are six / namely: Bet Golotha,Bet Mika’el / also known as Bet Debre sina/ Bet Maryam,Bet Meskel, Bet Danaghel and Bet Medhane Alem. After visit back to for lunch and start to visit the second Group churches Namely-Bet Amanuel, Bet Merkorios,Bet Aba Libanos, Bet Gabriel-Rufa’el and Bet Giyorgis. O/n/ Lal Hotel.
Day 11. Lalibela- Kombolcha,. Drive Kombolcha On the way visit some of Amhra Region and people. On the way see the Delbe mountains and the Galada baboons. O/n Tekle or Meron Hotel.
Day 12. Kombolcha- Awash, Drive Awash on the way visit the Nomad Afar people and Village. Visit Bati market area. Nice scenery and Rift Valley Gorge. O/n Bufe Legar Hotel.
Day 13. Awash- Harar. Early drive .Awash National Park and start game drive in the park to visit water falls, Awash rivers, Animals like Oryx, Gazelles, Baboons and Birds in the savanna. This place is additional spot next to Rift valley after visit drive continue Harar ./ Hertage Plaza Hotel.
Day 14. , Full day Harar. The day will be spent exploring in to what Harhar and its surrounding have to offer. The walled-city, Rimbaud Museum , Hyna feeding. Avery colorful culture is also to be viewed here, one that is bosted by the locals, the Haderes. O/n Hertage plaza Hotel.
Day 15. Harar- Langano. Drive back Awash on the way back visit the Afar and Oromo people. Crossing the Awash National Park and Rift Valley. On the way visiting Nazareth town. O/n Bekle Molla Hotel.
Day 16. Langano- Arbaminch. Drive Arbaminch on the way Climbing Dorze villages. to visit the people, renowned Cotton weavers whose tall beehive-Shaped doweling are among the most distinctive traditional structures to be seen any where in Africa . The unique Dorze houses that make Chencha worth a diversion. These remarkable extended domes measure up to 6m tall and are constructed entirely from organic material. After visit dive Arbaminch. After lunch boattrip on Lake Chamo to enjoy the most spectacular scenery of lake and see the largest crocodile, species which riches until 6-meter length / Crocodile Market/ of the African continent as well as birds species. O/n Paradize Lodge.
Day 17. Arbaminch- Jinka..Drive Jinka with short stop to visit people of Konso, Tsemay, Bena and Ari tribes. Which are nice and different for their hairstyle and way of dressing. O/n Jinka Resort.
Day 18. Jinka – Mursi. Early drive Mursi Villages, the most celebrated residents of south omo. Where you can see their interesting culture like women when age reaches about 20,silt is cut between lower lip and mouth. Over the next year, the gap is progressively stretched until it is large enough for small circular clay plate, so the plate is replaced with the larger one, the process that is repeated until eventually the gap is large enough to hold the clay plate. the larger the lip plate women can wear, the greater her value when she is married. after visit drive back jinka trough Mago National Park . O/n / Jinka Resort.
Day 19. Jinka- Turmi. Drive to Turmi via Key Afer village the region of the very nice Hammer people with unique hairstyle, Cultures, ornaments and traditions. If you are interested to cover the expense, the Hammers traditional dance will be arrange by your guide. And if you luck you will see also the Hammer people marriage ceremony. O/n Buska Lodge.
Day 20. Turmi- Yabello.Drive Yabello on the way visit Elbore, Konso and Borena people . O/n /Yabello Motel.
Day 21. Yabello- Awassa, Drive Awassa. On the way visit the interesting green coffeeplant and some of traditional villages. O/n Wabe shesble Hotel.
Day 22. Awassa - Addis Ababa, After visit fishmarkets on Lake Awassa you will drive wondogent .This place is the small and green paradise. Hear you can swim in the natural hot water filled pool or take shower in the open roofed natural bath. Wondogent is a nice spot for bird watching and Avery attraction forest. After relax drive continue Addis. Depart