Trekking in Albania SP

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Spend time really getting to know beautiful off-the-tourist-track Albania as we trek and climb our way across the landscapes also exploring Koman Lake, Valbona Valley, Kuja Castle and Shkodra Castle.

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Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: Tirana, Albania
End Location: Tirana, Albania
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: May - Sep
Difficulty: Suitable for Active Hikers

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Albania offers great possibilities with regard to this kind of tourism. With its scenic beauty, Albania has spectacular views, unspoiled coastlines, fine sandy beaches (especially on the Ionian coast), rugged mountains in the North, rich in rafting and non rafting rivers, high mountains and deep valleys, natural freshwater lakes and rivers are fine spots to practice many adventurous sports.

Albania is rich in mountainous areas, which are widely spread throughout its territory. Dajti, Llogara, Dardha, Bozdovec, Valbona, Thethi etc are the most famous ones. They offer great opportunities to practice different activities such as trekking, rafting hiking etc.

Albania is rich in big and small lakes. There are several tourist areas around the lakeshore such as Lini, Pojska, the town of Pogradec, Tushemisht and Drilon.

Albania also is rich in rivers (721km) and streams.The most tourist ones are Drini in the North, Shkumbin and Seman in the South. The longest river in Albania is Seman, which is 281 km and is divided into 2 separate branches, Devoll and Osum.

Albania is rich in forests. Some of them are national Parks.

Koman Lake:
Sailing on the artificial Koman Lake, visitors can enjoy a typical “fjord landscape” that will remind them of Northern Europe in the heart of the Mediterranean. The lake was formed in 1986 as a result of the completion of the Koman hydropower station on the river Drin. It has a surface of 12 km2, 34.5 km long and with a width that varies between 50-60 meters. The lake cuts through beautiful valleys and canyons. The rocky mountainous bridges precipitate vertically into the water thus creating wonderful landscapes. The altitude of the mountains around the lake range from 1000-1200m above the sea level. Sailing on this lake connects Shkodra and Tirana with the towns of Bajram Curri, Tropoja and the surrounding areas.

Valbona Valley:
When you enter in Valbona Valley you can admire the view to the highest peaks of the massif of “Bjeshket e Nemuna”. On the left side of Valbona Valley you can notice impressive 13 km long wall structured from about 10 peaks which all are higher than 2400 m. That group of peaks is called Majet e Zabores (Zabores e Krasnices). One of them will for sure attract your attention with its about 900 m high and 900 m wide impressive and undiscovered rhomboidal north wall, which dominate in its surroundings. That's Maja Briaset (2567 m). Together with Maja Gruk e Hapt (2625 m), Maja Briaset create the highest and most impressive part of Majet e Zabores massif.

Kuja Castle:
In the collective memory of Albanian people the Castle of Kruja represent the Albanian national hero of the fifteenth century-Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeg and therefore it is the symbol for all Albanians. The Castle of Kruja is evaluated as one of the most significant medieval constructions in Albania, being for the specialist an architectural museum ensemble that displays a wide range of values of medieval military, popular an religious monuments.

Shkodra Castle:
In the background of the Shkodra city, the Rozafa castle rises imposingly on a rocky hill, 130meter above the sea level. It seems as if iron claws keep it on the steep rocks, surrounded by the Buna and Drini rivers.

The challenge’s level: A tour of this level requires you to be very fit physically. The trails are not always in good conditions. This tour will consist mainly of climbing and descending mountains. Although this program is usually operated in summer time you should take into consideration that the temperature may change as we climb the mountains. As a result the program may change. Usually the marching lasts from 6 to 8 hours. Previous marching experiences are an advantage but are not necessary if you are quite fit. You need to remember that in some of the days you should be equipped with rucksacks which may be considered another difficulty.


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

-BB Hotel accommodation
-Bus/ minibus transport for all the tour
-Hiking/ trekking specialized guide for all the days
-Dinners for all the days and FB accommodation in the north of Albania
-Lunches for all the days and FB accommodation in the north of Albania
-All the entrance fees as per program
-Ferry trip in Koman lake
-Horses for luggage transport in the north of the country
-Trasnports in north, in the mountains
-Transport in Zagoria

- International Flights

Recommended equipment
Waterproof shoes
Waterproof jackets and pants
Wool sweaters
Rucksack ( with waterproof covering)
Sun cream

Note: The rucksack should not weight more than 10 – 15 kg.

Prices per person, based on 2 people traveling - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. Airport – Tirane - Arrival at the airport .Transfer at the hotel in Tirana. Overnight in Tirana.
Day 02. Tirana - Berat - In the morning start the sightseeing of the capital of Albania, Tirana, beginning from the Skanderbeg square. Visit in the National History Museum, E`them Bey Mosque, Clock Tower etc. Then continue to the main boulevard where are found the different ministries, Academy of Fine Arts, Main University etc. Then the trip will continue to Berat. While you approach the centre of the town, the typical buildings impress you. Visit to the castle, built up on a rocky hill 260m above the sea level. Churches here have survived within its powerful stony walls. With interest, is the church, which preserves wooden-engraved iconostasis, housing the “Onufri” museum. Visit to the other objects: Lead Mosque, Bachelor’s Mosque, Gorica Bridge and many dwelling houses of the 18th and 19th centuries. Overnight in Berat. Tirane – Berat 122 km.
Day 03. Berat – Corovode – Osumi Canyon - After breakfast in the hotel we will pass across Corovoda in order to go to Osumi Canyon. Osumi Canyon which is also called “the Albanian Colorado” is situated in Corovoda-Hambull sector of Osumi valley. It is 13 km long, 4-5 m wide, 70-80 m deep, with vertical slopes, at the foot of which flows Osumi River. Going into its depth, we’ll be amazed by its beauty, by the sky fragments and some of the vertical walls of grey lime stones and the green vegetation which are reflected in the water basins. Lunch in nature. Overnight in Berat.
Day 04. Berat – Gjirokaster - In the morning travel towards Gjirokastra city, which is a “Museum City”. The characteristic houses resemble the towers and are build one above the other. They have only one common element, the stone. All the homes have the form of medieval towers. Visit to the castle, which stands out above the city as a balcony, providing the possibility for visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The castle houses the National Museum of Weapons, which preserves all the kinds of weapons used and produced by the Albanians from antiquity. Overnight in Gjirokastra. Berat – Gjirokaster 155 km.
Day 05. Hiking in Dhembeli Mountain - In the morning transfer by car to Zagoria(700-800 m above sea level). Start hiking in Dhembeli mountain. After a nice hiking we will arrive in the pass of Dhembeli(around 1800m). After the packed lunch we will start the descending in Permeti town. Transfer by car from Permet to Gjirokastra. In the afternoon free time in Gjirokastra. Overnight in Gjirokastra.
Day 06. Butrint - The Albanian Riviera - After breakfast, we depart to Butrint. A scenic narrow leads you to the ancient city of Butrint. Visit to the Old Amphitheatre, the Temple of Aesculapius, the Baptistery with colorful mosaics and the ancient city walls. An old fortress housing a small museum watches over the entire site, which is one of the last unspoiled natural and ancient historical areas in Mediterranean In this day we will also explore the most attractive parts of the Albanian Riviera. On the way are to be visited Lukova, Borsh, Qeparo, which are small villages where the tourists may enjoy the unspoiled nature and untouched beaches. This area is rich in olive trees. Then we will travel towards Himara, where is to be visited the castle of Porto Palermo. This castle is also called the castle of Ali Pashe Tepelena. The walls of the castle are 1.6m thick. In the evening arrival in Dhermi and free time at the beach. Overnight in Dhermi. Kilometers : Sarande-Dhermi 100 km
Day 07. Hiking in Qorre Mountain - Transfer by car from Dhermi to Llogara Pass (1050m). After our arrival we will start hiking to Qorre Mountain (2018m above the sea level) using a shepherd trail. The trail passes across the pass of Caesar. After that comes the hiking of the last part which will bring us to the peak. At the peak we will enjoy the packaged lunch and the wonderful view of the Karaburuni peninsula (Akrokerauneve), the bay of Vlora and of course the most part of the Albanian Riviera. Then we will start the descending. After the descending transfer to Vlora town. Overnight in Vlora.
Day 08. Vlore- Durres- Kruja - In the morning departure to the ancient city of Durres, that is also the most important seaport in Albania. Visit the Amphitheatre, the biggest in the Balkan Peninnsula (capacity 15.000 spectators) with a rare wall mosaic, which belongs to the 2nd century A.D and to the Archeological Museum. After Durres our trip will continue in the medieval town of Kruja. Kruja is located on the slope of Sari Salltiku Mountain. An old bazaar leads you up to the castle of the national hero Skanderbeg. Visit in the castle of the city, housing the Skanderbeg museum and the Ethnographic museum. Overnight in Kruja. Vlora- Durres 120 km. Durres- Kruje 46 km.
Day 09. Hiking in Kruja Mountain- Shkodra - In the morning start hiking in the mountain of Kruja to visit the Holy Land of Bektashi (Sari Salltik 1150 m above sea level). Hiking will take around 4 hours. Then dinner in a nice restaurant in Kruja. Afterwards departure to Shkodra which is situated near the lake sharing the same name “SHKODRA”. It is an ancient city with a rich history. Visit the Rozafa Castle built on a rocky hill. Dinner and overnight in Shkodra. Hiking in the mountain around 550 m. Total hiking hours: 4 hours.
Day 10. Koman-Valbona- Quku i Dunishes - -Transfer by car: Shkodra-Koman-Fierze-Quku i Dunishes ( 40 km) - Transfer by ferry: Koman-Fierze (20 km). In the morning departure to Koman lake when we will embark into the ferry that passes through the spectacular canyon of Drin river. The lake has been shaped after the build of Koman Hydro central in 1981. After the ferry trip the transfer continues through the valley of Valbona river till the small village Dunish(aroud 800 m) where we will pass the night. Dunish is the perfect place with a small and beautiful lake to relax after a tiring day. Accommodation and dinner in a traditional house of Dunishi village.
Day 11. Ceremi Canyon (Bjeshket e Ceremit) - Ceremi Canyon is one of the most attractive canyons of Tropoja. The marching starts from the house of Quku I Dunishes village through the amazing Ceremi Canyon which is crossed from the icy water of Ceremi stream. We will follow an old trail used by the villagers to connect the two former-Albanian regions Plava and Gucia. In Cerem We will see the untouched forests and the endless meadow of Bjeshket e Ceremit. Return on the village.
Day 12. Rosi Pass - The marching will start from the house to Kukaj village ( 900 m over the sea level). After that we will follow the shepherd trail which will bring us directly to the Rosi pass (2054 m). The trail passes though a dense forest and than through a meadow on the way of climbing. During the climbing we will have the opportunity to see an impressive view of Jezerca which is the highest peak of the Albanian Alps. The whole trip lasts 6 hours. In the end of the day we will came back to Dunisht village. Accommodation in a traditional house.
Day 13. Valbona, Theth - After breakfast we will travel by car for 10 km until Rragam village (over 800m ) where the hiking will start. The trail, where the highest peak is Valbona Pass (about 1860 m above the sea level), is the classical trail of Albanian Alps that for centuries has served as a link between two of the most famous valleys of Bjeshket e Namuna , that of Valbona and Theth. There will be horses and mules to carry our baggage up to the next house. The villagers use this trail from the late summer to the first winter snow. Also there are some fresh fountains along the trail, making our travel nicer and cool admiring the fantastic sights that emerge from the heights of this trail. Than from the path we will descend to Theth village. Theth is the most historical alpine village in Albania. It has traditional stone houses covered with wood tiles built on natural balconies. Accommodation: Country Houses
Day 14. Theth’s surroundings attractions - On this day we will have a nice walking through the surroundings of Theth. During the first part of the day we are going to visit the church of Thethi, The tower (Kulla), The 3oo years old house of Borshi family that was the Ethnographic museum of Dukagjini. Than we will see Grumas waterfall which is the highest in Albania (30 m), Nderlysa’s wells and the “blue eye” of Kapre. Return to Theth will be by van.
Day 15. Shtegu i Dheneve-Boge-Shkoder-Tirane - We will leave Theth 900 m over the sea level) to begin another spectacular hiking day through Boga Valley. To get there we need to take a classic trail which has been used by the people of this region from earlier times called “ shtegu i dhenve” (over 1800 m). From the highest point of the trail we can see the magnificent view of the highest mountain peaks of the Albanian Alps. From Boga we will travel to Shkodra by van where we will have a nice lunch. Afterwards return to Tirana.
Day 16. Tirane – Airport - Check out from the hotel and transfer to the airport.