Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Journey DF02

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Join our month long journey to the southernmost highlights of South America; trekking at the Fitz-Roy massif, Torres del Paine National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier, Tierra del Fuego National Park and Ushuaia, the end of the 'Panamericana'. Includes flights from Paris to Buenos Aires.

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Key Information

Travel Style: Small Group - Up To 12 People
Start Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
End Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Accommodation: Hostels, Tents
Period: 5 Feb-5 Mar 2011
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

About The Operator

Accreditations: Section coming soon.
Years In Business: 25

The following program is a proposal. We are driving our own car. Unlike with other tours we are thus independent and to a certain extent may decide about the timing of the route ourselves. We'll just have to observe the weather-conditions and the date of our return.

Tour Highlights
- Trekking at the Fitz-Roy massif (Argentina)
- Torres del Paine National Park (Chile)
- Perito Moreno-Glacier
- Tierra del Fuego - National Park
- Ushuaia, the end of the 'Panamericana'

Average hiking-condition will be sufficient for this tour.
You should be ready to cooperate with your co-participants in a team and be willing to help, whenever your assistance is needed (e.g. while putting up the camps).

Vaccinations are not required.
No Visa required for EU-citizens, but you need a valid pass-port (validity at least six month beyond the date of your return) US citizens have to pay an entry fee in Agentina.


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

Economy-Class flights from Paris to Buenos Aires and return; All domestic air-travels, Overnights in Hotels amd Guest-houses incl. breakfast, in tents (2 persons / tent) according to the program above. Camping-equipment, kitchen-tent, mini-bus, all fees in the National Parks and for camp-sites, airport-tax in France.

Attention: You may book this journey also out of Buenos Aires.
In this case you will book your internatonal flight on your own. We'll deduct the airfare from Paris to Buenos Aires from the tour-price.

From Paris, from other airports, kindly inquire

Airport taxes in Argentina, Food, ca. 250,-$US or 200,- €
optional excursions and hotel-overnights, personal expenses, travel insurances.

Prices per person, based on 2 people traveling - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. Flight Paris - Buenos Aires International.
Day 02. Arrival in Buenos Aires, transfer to the hotel. We are leisurely strolling through the capital of Argentina: Plaza de Mayo, the Obelisk, Teatro Colon and other interesting places in the centre. To take a Capuccino in the nostalgic Café Tortoni lateron is a must, as this Café represents still a glimpse of the oldern colonial times. In the afternoon we are heading to the Plaza Dorrego in the the artist's quarter of San Telmo. We might see Tango-dancers on the plaza or visit a Tango-Show. We'll take dinner in Ricoleta and you'll be absolutely fascinated of this city full of vigour and life.
Day 03. Flight to San Carlos de Bariloche at the edge of the Andes. We'll get the mini-bus, shall drive to the guest-house and walk though the village in the afternoon.
Day 04. A round-trip in the National-Park Nahuel Huapi is our porgram today. From the Cerro Otto we'll have a beautiful panoramic view across the idyllic lake and the mountains, a landscape which is said to resemble Switzerland. We'll also strive Llao Llao, an upper class luxury hotel, beautifully located. Overnight in guesthouse.
Day 05. We start the ride to the South and will soon reach a sleepy town of former immigrants from England, also said to be a former
Day 06. Today we'll take a dusty road and will drive through a very rural landscape. We're passing small Estancias and shall visit the ranch of two famous robbers: Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, who were hiding here from prosecution through N-American Sheriffs. We'll undertake a short walk to a view-point in the afternoon and soon after we'll reach another magnificent lake: Lago Verde. The name describes its color: it's gorgeously green. The forests here are beeches and we'll camp under these beautiful trees. Again, we take our time to relax and go swimming.
Day 07. Not far from here is the National Park Los Alerces. Dense forests, clear streams and azure-blue lakes are the characteristics of this area. Every nature-lover's heart will beat faster. Walking across a hanging bridge at Lago Futalaufquen we get to Puerto Chucao. What you'll see, is a fantastic panoramic view of the mountains. We might take a boat, which after will sail us to the hinter end of the lake (1 hour). There is a trail there, leading through different vegetation zones. Starting in dense bamboo-jungle, leading to primeval araukaria-trees and to the rare Alerces cypresses, which might be compared with N-American mammoth - trees. The oldest tree, which we'll see, is about 2.600 years old and has tremendous measurements. (The boat-trip is optional). Overnight in tents at Lago Verde.
Day 08. After breakfast we leave direction Esquel, another Walisian provincial town, where it seems, time is standing still. We'll try to be there early, because the old steam-train will arrive at around noon-time. On the way to Esquel, we'll pass Futalaufquen, shall visit the musueum of the National Park Authority. If you like, you may (optionally) go horse-back-riding in the afternoon. You'll be brought to an Estancia and accompanied during the ride. The Estancieros will even offer you a
Day 09. We leave the green and forested region of the Andes, driving through the Altares region eastward into the valley of the Chubut-River with beautiful rock - formations. We turn off from the good road at Paso de los Indios and follow a gravel-road, leading through varied landscapes. We are in the midth of the dry Pampa now and probably shall stop many times. We might see many animals: nandus, flamingos, guanacos, armadillos etc. Hard to say, how far we'll get that day. May be we'll camp somewhere in the wild. Finally the town of Sarmiento will appear at the horizon like an oasis.
Day 10. After a short ride a special highlight of the journey will appear: the Petrified Forests of Jose Ormachea. There are timber-trunks, whose age is being estimated to 7 million years, surrounded by an astounding erosion-scenery with a tremendous variety of forms and colors. We take our time here, as it appears, as if your were standing somewhere on the moon. The Ruta 40, also called the
Day 11. We'll continue further South. The route of this day is a very lonesome stretch of dusty road. Probably in the afternoon we'll reach Lago Cardiel. We're going to camp her, in the midth of the dry Pampa, in the wild! You' ll experience a magnificent view across the steppe and the lake, in particular during the sunset!
Day 12. During this day we'll arrive at Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. You may expect the absolute highlights of this journey: the Fitz Roy Massif and the Cerro Torre. These probably are the most beautiful and most difficult mountains on earth! We'll undertake walks, shall climb up to the base-camp of the Fitz Roy (8 hours). From the Laguna de Los Tres, you'll have an unforgettable view to the gigantic massif. The following day, we take the trail to a glacier lake at the foot of the Cerro Torre (6 hours). We'll be passing storm-bent trees in old, magnificent beech-tree-forests and shall hike through the wide valley of the Chorrillo del Salto. Passing swampy areas, we'll finally reach the lake Laguna de Los Tres. The view here is simply great! (Overnights in the little village of Chalten, in tents)
Day 13. As Day 12
Day 14. As Day 12
Day 15. As Day 12
Day 16. Driving along Lago Argentino we'll reach the little town of El Calafate. Soon after we arrive at the next superb highlight: Perito Moreno Glacier, certainly one of the most beautiful glaciers on earth. You'll be standing in front of the fringe and may watch these huge ice-masses from close distance. Quite often this glacier is calving, you will see the flanks crushing and breaking down with terrible noise. After this unique experience we might stay at Lago Roca and build up the camp in romantic wilderness.
Day 17. As Day 16
Day 18. We continue to Chile, cross a small border and pass through Puerto Natales on our way to the famous National Park Torres del Paine. Again you'll see tremendous landscapes and a lot of animals from close distance. The guanacos are not shy, you may even walk in between the herds. The bizarre formations of the mountains, the rock-towers and -needles are fabulous, simply fascinating. We'll drive to the Laguna Amarga - we might see flamingos- and stay at the camp-site of Las Torres. The following day we'll go on a spectacular hike to the base of these 'Towers'. Another night we spend at Lago Pehoe. This camp-site is the most beautiful I have ever seen on earth. You have to experience the panorama to the Cuernos del Paine in the light of the early morning sun: it's simply a dream! We'll undertake another hike, also visit Lago Grey with some ice-bergs swimming in the water.
Day 19. As Day 18
Day 20. As Day 18
Day 21. As Day 18
Day 22. We won't like it, but we have to leave this beautiful piece of land. We'll drive to the town of Puerto Natales, having lunch and in the late afternoon we'll reach a
Day 23. We finally continue to Punta Arenas. We'll walk through the city. Once, this town has been an important centre in South-America. Before the Panama-Channel was opened, ships had to sail around the continent and were replenished here. It was also a trade-centre, the Patagonian wool has been exported from here early in the 20th century. Some people became very rich! We'll visit the luxurious Villa of the Menéndez-family, the Maritime Museum etc. Overnight in the guest-house
Day 24. The ferry will take us across the Magellan Strait, which seperates the continent from the island Tierra del Fuego. In the North of the island once again we'll experience the apparent endlessness of the Patagonian Pampa. Crossing the border in San Sebastian we reach Argentina again. We shall visit the ethnological museum of the Salesian monks in Rio Grande, who were among the first missionaries and collecting the remains from the perished cultures of the Indians. We may watch an old movie and will take note of their tragic fate. In the evening we'll arrive at Lago Faguano, and put up our camp along its shores.
Day 25. Crossing the mountains we finally arrive in the world's southernmost city: Ushuaia. Short city-tour. If desired we'll continue to the end of the Panamericana, to the end of the Alaska - Tierra del Fuego Highway. The camp will be built up in the National Park Tierra del Fuego.
Day 26. The harsh clima of Tierra del Fuego shaped the landscape around the Beagle-Channel. With snow-covered mountains, mosses and swamps, cold rivers and streams, beavers, wind-swept trees... We are going to explore this wilderness and shall walk through marvelous beech-forests towards the Chilenean border. Or else you may climb a mountain if you like (6 hours). You will enjoy a magnificent view all around. Optional you may also go on a boat-tour in the Beagle Channel to see sea-lion colonies.
Day 27. In the morning there is sufficient time for shopping, for a visit of the museum
Day 28. Flight Buenos Aires Internat. - Paris
Day 29. Flight Paris - to your destination