The Road of Bones: Motorcycle London to Magadan YE05

105 Days From £0 (27,990 USD)

This evocative journey covers a quarter of the earth’s surface as we ride from the bustling, vibrant city of London to one of the most remote towns on earth, Magadan, Siberia.

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Key Information

Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: London, UK
End Location: Magadan, Russia
Accommodation: Hotels, Ger, Camping
Period: 22 May-3 Sep 2011
Difficulty: Suitable For Experienced Riders

About The Operator

Accreditations: Section coming soon.
Years In Business: 5

We take in some of the world’s most scenic regions as we cross Switzerland and the stunning Tyrol region of Austria. Crossing Hungary we enter the beautiful Romania, visiting Dracula’s castle along the way, before passing through Bulgaria and entering Turkey. We spend time in Istanbul, the crossroads of Asia, wandering the mosques and fantastic bazaars before riding out along the Black Sea coast and into an area littered with remnants of the once great Ottoman Empire. No ride to Turkey is complete without a visit to the Troglodyte region of Goreme. Crossing the Black Sea we enter the world’s largest country, Russia, via the mighty Caucasus as we ride for Moscow. Starting out on the longest highway on earth, the Trans Siberian, we soon depart Russia and enter the storybook lands of Central Asia, the home of Ghengis Khan, Tamerlane and countless Silk Road traders as we ride across the vast empty and utterly silent Kazakh Steppe on our way to the jewel in the Silk Road crown, Uzbekistan.

Blazing deserts, inland seas, mighty mountains, stunning Islamic architecture and a vastness nobody thought could still exist in today’s world greet us as we ride these ancient trade routes. Wonderful Alpine valleys that tumble out of the Central Tien Shan Mountains provide us with memorable days of riding in Kyrgyzstan. Back on the Kazakh Steppe we once again enter Russia and rejoin the Trans Siberian as we ride on for the wonderful Lake Baikal, often described as the world’s most beautiful lake. Mongolia will leave you on a high as we ride this indescribably beautiful and remote land, the riding here provides us with a great introduction of what is to come. The Trans Siberian now turns to dirt as we ride east across Siberia before riding north toward the impossibly remote Yakutsk in the heart of Siberia.

Our last challenge is the infamous “Road of Bones” officially, the Kolyma Highway, this incredible ride travels over a thousand kilometres through the mountains to Magadan, on the Sea of Okhotsk . This is a road that has a tragic history yet is a road that will provide us with some of the most inspiring landscapes and challenging rides available, it truly is a challenge but one that is completely do-able with the right support. For an experience that will stay with you forever, join us as we ride the “Road of Bones”.

- Duration: 105 days
- Distance: 25000 ks/15600 miles approx
- Days on bike: 80 approx
- Accommodation: 73 nights Hotels up to 4 star, 4 nights Ger camp & 28 nights wild camping

Note on Price
Rider: US$ 27,990 / Co-Rider: US$ 18,990
Bike Rental: F 800 GS US$ 120.00 per day / R 1200 GS US$ 140.00 per day


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

- Pre-Expedition training
- Shipping of own bike included to your home port
- Flights from Magadan to Vladivostok
- Rental of BMW F 800 GS or BMW R 1200 GS bikes available
- In-comparable list of sights and inclusions

- To be confirmed

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