Portugal; Algarve and São Domingos Mine Walking Tour ZA02

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Explore Algave and São Domingos; Blue and Red, the ocean and the sulphur land, So close and so different from each other, two cultures.

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Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: Faro Airport, Portugal
End Location: Faro Airport, Portugal
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: Apr, May, Sep and Oct
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

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Years In Business: 7

White village by the blue sea, grilled fresh fish, birds and fishes nursery, wide landscapes, walking along a river, flamingos, ...

Alvor is widely promoted summer village, however closely to the village you will find a well preserved nature area were birds and fishes find their nursery in the river that have the same name as the village, Alvor.

Combining the blue sea landscape and the beige and brown “tonalidades” you may enjoy versified days with quite different photo themes.

The Algarve is known by its sunny days and that is what you can expect from the weather. Specially beautiful out of the touristic period, is a place where you may find peace and tranquillity not being isolated.

São Domingos Mine
An old open-pit pyrite Roman mine was bought by a Spanish company, today we have an interesting set of ruins where we walk and take wonderful photos.

São Domingos is located in Alentejo, a flat region and also very hot and dry specially during summer time. However even this kind of hard lands can hide places that are like jewels.

The mine was originally found by the Romans on the 2nd cen. bC who mined gold and silver for almost 400 years. In 1854 a new generation of miners started, the mine of found again and ended up by being exploited by an English company called Mason and Barry.

You will find a wide red landscape plenty of sulphuric lakes and the old ruins of the mine’s infrastructure. The red is the dominant colour … just imagine the photos you will take.


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

- Accommodations: São Domingos - 4 nights, Alvor - 4 nights, Sharing a double room, 3 star hotels, country houses or higher
- Meals: Breakfast: from 2nd to 9th day, Picnic/lunch: from 2nd to 9th day, Dinner: from 1st to 8th day
- Point to point travel: All travels from and to the trek points.
- Guided tours: All mentioned guided tours

- Flights

Prices per person, based on 2 people traveling - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. Saturday - Arrival at Faro’s Airport until 13:00. Short city tour while we wait for the other Participants to arrive. Minibus travel to São Domingos.
Day 02. Sunday - São Domingos Mine. Trek: visit the mine’s complex, the lakes, the old railway, visit to typical village - 12Km’s - max. ascending 250m. Hotel at São Domingos.
Day 03. Monday - The railway to Pomarão. Trek: this was the first portuguese railway, a very interesting trek ending at Pomarão - 12Km’s - max. ascending 150m. Hotel at São Domingos.
Day 04. Tuesday - “Tapada Grande”. Trek: around the Tapada Grande lake, wonderful view, the trek will end at a terrace - 12Km’s - max. ascending 200m. Hotel at São Domingos.
Day 05. Wednesday - Guided tour to Silve’s castle and village. Transfer day from first to second area. Hotel at Alvor.
Day 06. Thursday - Alvor’s Bay and Paderne’s Castle. Trek: two small treks in two completely different areas - 10Km’s - max. ascending not relevant. Hotel at Alvor.
Day 07. Friday - Mexilhoeira Grande. Trek: flat circuit always near a wide river and swamp area used by the local wilde life as nursery - 14Km’s - max. ascending not relevant. Hotel at Alvor.
Day 08. Saturday: This day will be left as a free day. The team will suggest several spots where it can take the Participants or each one can chose to do its own program. Hotel at Alvor.
Day 09. Sunday - Faro’s city tour and Participant’s departure.