Everyone knows pizza originated in Italy, but surprisingly Italy does not have the lead on consuming it. We have to travel much farther up Northwestern Europe to the small country of Norway. Surprisingly, this nation is on top of the list of which countries consumes the most pizza in a year.

1. Norway

Norwegians consumes the most pizza in the world on a per-person ratio. This small nation has a population of about 5.5 million, and they eat about 5 kg (11 lbs) pizza each annually.

If you’re ever in Norway, you’ll notice there are pizza restaurants on almost every corner. Norwegians also consume a lot of pizza at home, bought frozen and heated in the oven. The most popular frozen pizza is called Grandiosa.

2. USA

There are more than 327 million people in the USA, and for every second 350 slices of pizza are eaten. Despite this, Americans don’t eat enough pizza to take first place from Norway. This country, which is considered the birthplace of fast food, has to settle for second place.

3. United Kingdom

The British love to eat pizza, and more than half of the whole UK consumes pizza at least once in ten days. With more than 66 million inhabitants, that’s an impressive amount of pizza.

4. Germany

Germany takes fourth place with a hundred slices of pizza eaten every second. With more than 82 million inhabitants, that’s not enough pizza per person for a spot on the podium.

5. Italy

Italy is known as the home of pizza, but surprisingly they’re only in fifth place on this list. Napoli is considered to have the original recipe for Italian pizza, and “Pizzaiuolo” (the culinary practice of making true Neapolitan Pizza) was inscribed on UNESCO’s list in 2017.

6. Russia

Pizza has become extremely popular in Russia in the last years, and Pizza Hut is famous and well-spread in and around Moscow. Dodo Pizza is a russian pizza delivery franchise founded in 2011, which has spread to 11 other countries with 457 pizzerias. Dodo Pizza is the world’s first commercial delivery of pizza by drone.


Everyone wants a break from their daily hectic life. It is important to come with a certain resolution that will fill your life with freshness and once you get the proper solution, it would be the right way to recharge yourself to carry out further tasks of life. There are a number of things, you can get while going on a vacation with luxury yachts. You’ll earn a perfect vacation experience of your life with your loved one. There are a number of options are available for why luxury yachts are famous to choose for vacation.

Freedom to Go Anywhere

While you are on a luxury yacht, you are free to go anywhere – from Athens to Zadar. These vessels have everything to accommodate you. They will elevate your enjoyment to a new height. You can find a well-reputed luxury yacht company that can meet your own needs. Most of them have customized menu and freedom to go anywhere the customers want. If you have planned to step up to an island, it will be easier to go there with these yachts.

Luxury Yachts Offer Great to Bond with Your Family Members

While you are a long distance from the shore, there is no one who will interrupt while enjoying a great time with your beloved one. This is a highly valuable opportunity that may not come in the future. Therefore, it would be great to come with such an opportunity and spend time with your beloved one. Spending time with family is always paramount. Once, you get the highest pleasure from these yachts it will be easier to get a wish to be fulfilled that will remain as a memory for life. This is the main reason for which, it would be great to come with all these things that will always contribute a lot to your family and its peace.

A Great Way to Enjoy Recreational Activity

When you are getting engaged with the recreational activity, you’ll easily get completely detached from the hassle life. Therefore, it would be great to come with all these things that will make a perfect contribution that will engage with recreational activity. Once you have properly done this thing with the right kind of effect, it will surely remain as a memory for life. If you prefer adventure games, there are a number of activities that can be enjoyed. As you are new to them, it would be best to enjoy them with the assistance of a guide. These luxury yacht staff will assist you to enjoy the activities safely.

Getting Engage with Nature

While you are in the middle of the sea, there is no artificial environment. You have plenty of chances to get engaged with nature. It will give you complete energy that will inspire you to take more tasks in life. This is the main reason, there are breaks are needed in daily life. Once you get the accurate effect, it will be a thorough knowledge to get all these positive impacts on your personal life. Surf the internet to get a charter yacht for your needs.


When the winter season is about to end, the days get longer and it’s the start of summer, at this time the weather is inviting, the smell of campfires at campsite and the earthy smell of the trees allures many people for outdoor camping and adventurous trips.

There can be nothing better than sitting around a campfire, roasting some marshmallows and spending quality time with your friends or family. Though the fact is, camping is exciting, wonderful, and adventurous and relaxing, there are some people who avoid camping because of their sceptical myths they believe in. If you are still not convinced, here are some facts and myths about camping, which would definitely make you pack your sleeping bags and backpacks to explore the wilderness.

  1. Fact – You Get Closer to Mother Nature :

Camping is the one of the best ways to get closer and know nature better. It helps us to get in touch with our primitive instincts and teaches us to survive in less. We have completely forgotten nature, because we spend time most of our time indoors. There are a number of campsites around the world, which can make your camping trip exciting, adventurous and memorable one.

  1. Myth – Camping Is Expensive:

You can always plan your camping trips according to your budget. Instead of going to a private and exotic campground you can head towards a government owned national forest land. You can go camping in your own state park or hike to trials which are not far away from your home for a weekend.

Many people think that the gear required for camping are expensive. But the fact is that you can buy durable and essential camping gear in your budget at affordable rates. If you are going for a camping trip for the first time, you can easily gear up with the basics for $600 or less. The most obvious camping equipment’s are backpack, tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, and paper map and first-aid box. Also, there are many other camping accessories available, like stools for camping and backpacking, hammocks, camp stoves, sleeping pads, camp tables, camping chairs, and many more.

Did you know that now it is possible to rent the camping gear? You can check out with your local retailer or online suppliers for the rental cost of camping gear.

  1. Fact – You Can Learn New Skills

Living outdoors is an opportunity to test your survival skills and know how well you can live with little things. A camping trip teaches you how to build a fire, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, bugs and other insects, as well as know about the material possessions that you can really do without. Apart from these, there are a few more things which you can learn from your camping experience, like

  • To appreciate nature’s beauty

  • Importance of hard work(setting a tent by yourself, starting and tending the fire, cleaning the campsite)

  • Cooking outdoors is fun

  • To get comfortable when you step outside your comfort zone

  • To do away with technology

  • Self-trust


  1. Myth – You Need To Be An Experienced Camper:

Everyone is a beginner once, when they start with something new. So, it is not necessary for you be an experienced camper to go for a camping trip, but there are some basic things which a first time camper should know, such as

  • Become familiar with your camping gear before you actually use them at the camping ground.

  • While making a choice of tents, space and comfort should be your priority.

  • Make a checklist of camping gear and checkoff each item when packed.

  • Observe campground rules by respecting quite hours, using low lights, avoiding cutting through anyone’s campsite, cleaning your campsite, putting out your fire before going to bed or leaving the campsite

So, what are you waiting for? Hope these camping facts and myth busters have convinced you to explore the wilderness. Happy camping.


5 Great Places To Visit In England

by Julia on March 24, 2020

The UK is a popular tourist destination. However, of the four countries that make up the UK, England is the largest and most populated country. England’s culture and history make it a favorite destination for many travelers.

Deciding to visit England over Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland is only half the challenge. Once you’ve narrowed it down to England, you’ll then have to think about what places you want to visit once there!

History lovers may want to visit Stonehenge, Harry Potter fans might want to visit Platform 9 ¾, nature lovers might want to visit Dartmoor. The possibilities are endless.

If you need help getting started with planning your visit, here are five places you’ll want to consider.


London is always a popular choice for tourists because of the number of attractions that can be found in the city. London is England’s capital city and has been influencing the other cities of the world since the Middle Ages. Many people could spend an entire trip just exploring London without going anywhere else in England!

Narrowing down places to visit within London can be overwhelming. Those with a limited amount of time will want to visit Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, and Big Ben. Another tourist favorite is stopping for afternoon tea in one of London’s many tea rooms. To help further narrow down what to do in London, check out englandexplore.com.


Most people that think of the city of Oxford will immediately think of Oxford University. Those who go will want to walk around the university. The public can visit the campus at no cost, including going into some of the buildings around campus, such as the Old Bodleian Library.

In addition to the university, the city of Oxford has other popular tourist attractions. There are many museums to visit, including the Ashmolean Museum (the oldest museum in the UK), the Museum of the History of Science and the Pitt Rivers Museum. The Oxford Botanic Gardens are also popular — this is the UK’s oldest botanic garden. Bus transport makes it easy to get around.


Those who are seeking a seaside holiday will want to head to Brighton. Brighton is a resort area that is known for having a diverse community, lots of culture, interesting shopping areas, and plenty of art and music. Brighton Beach is one of the UK’s most well-known beaches, perfect for walking the shore or splashing in the waves.

After visiting the beach, tourists can enjoy visiting the museums around Brighton, checking out the architecture, or shopping at boutiques. Brighton also has some of the best nightlife in the UK, with a range of cozy pubs and larger clubs. Folks can choose between enjoying a drink with their loved one or dancing the night away.


Another seaside location to consider is Cornwall. Cornwall offers coastal scenery and has no shortage of beaches. Porthcurno Beach is a well-known beach nestled among cliffs. Other popular beaches include Sennen Beach and Kynance Cove. While water conditions vary between beaches, many beaches are the perfect location for surfing.

After a day at the beach, there are many other scenic locations to visit around Cornwall, such as the Eden Project. The Eden Project is a complex of two biomes that contain a range of plants from different climates. One of the biomes focuses on tropical plants, while the other simulates a Mediterranean climate. There is also an outdoor garden with native UK plants.


Many tourists that head to York are specifically going to explore the medieval streets and gothic buildings that can be found there. A favorite for many tourists is the York Minster’s Central Tower, which is the highest point in the city. Climbing the tower allows people to appreciate the tower’s Gothic structure. And once they reach the top, they’ll get a breathtaking view of the city.

In addition to climbing the tower, walking along the two-mile-long route along the City Walls is another favorite of tourists. This will allow them to view many of the medieval buildings found around the city. Those who want to head indoors can check out the contemporary art galleries found around York.

Final thoughts

Those who visit England will have no shortage of places to visit! If you’re hoping to visit several major cities or towns while you’re visiting, there are public transportation options available to you. Trains and buses are some of the best ways to get around England, but you may want to book your tickets in advance.


best boston ma waterfront hotel on the harbor near historic sites

Thinking of visiting Boston, Massachusetts? Here are several options for you to consider. Things to do, historic places to visit as well as first class lodging and restaurant options.

Boston’s Best Historical Sites
Boston is known around the world as the birthplace of the American Revolution.  Specifically, the North End neighborhood is the oldest residential community in the USA; with a treasure trove of historical sites including the Old North Church, Paul Revere House and the North Square Park, the center of the 17th century community life.

Boston visitors gravitate toward Hanover Street, one of the oldest streets in Boston, to enjoy dining in the area’s dozens of Italian restaurants and pastry shops. Take your vote into the never-ending cannoli war: which one is better, Mike’s Pastry or Modern Pastry? Or if you like to stay by the waterfront, enjoy coffee and pastries at Battery Wharf’s Cafe Amalfi. Boston’s North End is the place to be for your Italian food and dessert cravings with a sprinkle of European charm.

Step into history with the Freedom Trail, the infamous 2-1/2 mile pedestrian walkway that traces a path from Boston Common through Faneuil Hall to the USS Constitution.  The 16 spots help preserve and showcase the American Revolution. Equally pedestrian-friendly, the 43-mile Boston Harborwalk is dotted with parks, cafes, interpretive signage and more.

Things To Do
If you book your stay right on the Boston Harbor waterfront at Battery Wharf Hotel
you can walk to nearby Christopher Columbus Park, one of America’s earliest waterfront parks of the modern era. Or, take a boat ride through the harbor by Spirit Cruises or Odyssey Cruises. Either of these options provides breathtaking views of the harbor, the city and the adjacent Boston Harbor Islands.

If you are seeking a night out on the town, nearby options include both theatre and the arts. Choose from classical concerts, ballets, Broadway shows, and more in the nearby areas:  Boston Opera House by Citizens Bank, the Wang Theatre or Boston Symphony Hall.

If you are traveling with family, the many museums in Boston offer a fun and educational family experience. The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are located nearby where you and your family will be surrounded by endless European masterpieces and pop-up exhibits.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum offers events like the Weekend Concert Series or Third Thursdays where the museum is open late at night. While the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) features art, wine, tapas, and music on their weekly First Fridays and if you’ve wandered closer to the Seaport, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) features a live DJ, cocktails, and live performances also named First Fridays.

Are your kids into science? Visit the Museum of Science with over 700 interactive exhibits including a planetarium and an IMAX theatre. The museum is less than a 10 minutes drive from the Hotel. Or if your children are more into history and fossils, cross the Charles River to the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge to see collections of dinosaurs and other prehistoric mammals.

As there’s never a shortage of events and things to do in Boston. the New England Aquarium, is another great choice and located just 10 minutes away by foot from the Battery Wharf Hotel. The aquarium offers a fun learning experience for kids of all ages, as it is home to thousands of aquatic animals and features a Shark & Ray Touch Tank and the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-story coral reef.

Dinner Out?
The Battery Wharf Grille located at the Battery Wharf Hotel boston accepts dinner reservations which is a perfect way to end the day right on the North End waterfront. After dinner, you can cross the street to Faneuil Hall where your family can catch Marketplace Movie Nights.

 waterfront restaurant on boston harbor near North End



Whether you’re heading to the beach, hoping to enjoy a fishing trip with the kids, or you’re visiting the lake this summer and have your heart set on hitting the water with your friends, boating is a fun, exhilarating and family-friendly way to spend a weekend or a holiday.

But, as relaxing and enjoyable as a day on the water can be, you still need to be aware of the risks involved. Circumstances can change in an instant, and you and your fellow crew need to be prepared for any eventuality. The last thing anyone wants is to have their family fun weekend marred by a boating accident, especially one that could have been prevented – click here if you need a boating accident lawyer.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered 6 ways you can stay safe on the water and be prepared for a boating emergency.

Take a course

Do you really know how to control and maneuver a boat both effectively and safely? Anyone new to boating should enroll on a boating course so they can understand the basics and keep themselves, everyone onboard and other water users safe. Not only that but building on your knowledge of boats and water will only enhance your experience and make it much more enjoyable.

Check the weather

The weather can change in an instant, and if you’re out in open waters it can prove life-threatening. Always check the weather before you hit the water and make sure you’re following any advice given from lifeguards and water safety officers.

Make a float plan

Ever heard of a float plan? A float plan is the details of your boat, the passengers, crew, details of your journey and your intended itinerary. This document should be created and then given to someone who can pass it onto the authorities should you and your vessel go missing.

Be wary of the propeller 

The idea of injuries sustained by a spinning boat propeller just doesn’t bear thinking about. So, make sure everyone is aware of the danger of propeller strikes. Do a headcount before you start the engine to ensure no one is still swimming around the boat. Wear your emergency cut off switch or kill chord at all times, that way if you are thrown from the boat, you lose control or someone is in immediate danger, you can stop the engine and the propeller instantly.

Make sure you have the right safety equipment

Lifejackets should be worn at all times by all passengers. Life jackets that are kept stored away on a boat are useless. You should also have a first aid kit onboard, a whistle, emergency flares, a floatation device that can be thrown into the water, additional lines and a radio. These are the basic emergency equipment requirements; you can, of course, add more items.

Don’t commandeer your boat under the influence

Much like a car, you shouldn’t be driving a boat if you’re drunk or have used drugs. You’re more likely to be involved in an accident or injure someone else.


The Best Wine Destinations In USA

by Julia on March 17, 2020

A wine-soaked vacation with your friends or a partner should definitely be on your bucket list! There is something special about traveling to beautiful regions, learning about its history and culture, and tasting award-winning wines while watching how the sun goes down.

If you are about to hit the road for the best wine in your life, checking out this map with the best wine destination in the US will be necessary:

Walla Walla, Washington

Did you know that Washington state is one of the largest wine producers in the whole country? The White House or the Lincoln Memorial is not the only reason tourists come to the city!

So, next time you travel to Washington DC, make sure to visit the wine industry’s heart called Walla Walla. This relatively small town has more than one hundred wineries. Besides tasting incredible local wine, you will also be able to visit farm-to-table restaurants, take a photo in the field of wheat, and take a walk in the Pioneer Park.

Give Walla Walla a chance, and it will take your heart away!

Boise, Idaho

Right after tasting wine in Washington, you can travel to Idaho, the state that made its unforgettable mark on the world map. Interestingly, wine is not the only thing locals are proud of. There are also great weather, volcanoes, and a significant number of female entrepreneurs.

You can explore the city on the scooter and then go on a wine tour. If you travel with kids, you can go to the local zoo, aquarium, and botanical garden.

Finger Lakes, New York

According to experts at Acker Merrall, there are around 140 wineries in the Finger Lakes region. Besides trying famous local sparkling wines, you will also find plenty of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, waterfall hunting, and hiking trails. The Finger Lakes area is famous for ice wine, Riesling, and Pinot Noir.

Fredericksburg, Texas

The Lone Star State has a lot of surprises for locals and visitors! The thing is that its climate is just perfect for making delicious Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Touriga Nacional!

Fredericksburg is a small town in Texas where you can find a huge wine scene (one of the biggest in the country, to be exact).

Other than that, the town is a perfect destination for hikers, antique lovers, and wildflower enthusiasts. Fredericksburg should definitely be the palace for your next weekend getaway!

Kansas City, Missouri

There are a lot of things a tourist can do in Kansas City! The place is famous for its jazz music, top class museums, barbeque and a large number of fountains.

Another great thing about Kansas City is that it’s growing the next generation of winemakers. The local wine lovers are not afraid of experimenting with tastes and formulas. That’s why you should not miss the next opportunity to travel to Missouri! Just pack your suitcase and let the city show you its magic!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico is not only known for its abodes, incredible sunsets, and hatch chile. Americans also consider it a birthplace of winegrowing. Back to 1630, Spanish missionaries planted wine grapes over there. It happened right before California was developed!

In New Mexico, you can try sparkling wine Gruet, the one that appeared on the list of the best wines in the world! Once you are there, you should also taste Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, and Sangiovese. As you can understand, one weekend in New Mexico is simply not enough!

Besides tasting the best wines in the country, you will also have a chance to visit the International UFO museum and research center, White Sands National Park, and musical highway!

Traverse City, Michigan

If you have just one day off and feel like going for wine tasting, you should go to Traverse City. It is a home for more than twenty wineries owned by sports celebrities and TV stars. Sharing a table and doing a complimentary wine tasting with Kyle MacLachlan or David Beckham is not just a silly dream but a possibility in Traverse City!

Once you are in Michigan, find some time to try locally produced Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Franc.

In case you are not sure where to start your wine journey, consider booking a tour with a local agency – there are plenty of them in Traverse City!

The bottom line

There is no need to travel to well-promoted France or Portugal since you can taste the world’s best wines in the United States! The best thing is that all towns known for its great wine offer other attractions as well. So, moms and dads should not worry about looking for a nanny! You can go to the zoo in the morning and taste Merlot in the evening in a fine restaurant.