Packing Light and More: 4 Ways to Ease Your Luggage Burden While Traveling

by Julia on June 30, 2020

Packing light is a valuable skill for travelers. There are other ways to avoid schlepping loaded suitcases, though. Read this for some light travel suggestions.

In the US, 2,000 citizens have never left the state they were born in.

But, the interest in travel is increasing every year and almost 80% of people in the US want to travel more!

Although Covid-19 is currently keeping us all at home, it’s still possible to dream about future travels. Why not plan your luggage in advance of your future trip abroad too?

In this article, we’ll suggest a few tips that will help you when it comes to packing light! Let’s get started:

1. Invest In a Multi-Purpose Shoe

Shoes can quickly become a burden when traveling abroad. You have your heels, your flip flops, your walking boots, your cute sandals, and your sneakers.

Instead of carrying multiple different pairs of shoes, try to look for a shoe that can cover all of your footwear needs.

Think about what you will be doing on your trip. If it’s an active holiday, try choosing a sneaker that can also be worn while hiking.

If you’re spending your week on the beach and in cool bars, choose a pretty sandal which the sand can be knocked out of!

2. Pack Clothes That Go Together

It may be tempting to pack the night before you go away, but this will result in overpacking or terrible clothing choices.

Instead, lay out all of your preferred outfits in advance. Opt for neutral colors or patterns that you are happy to match.

Then, try to cut down the number of clothes you bring. Do you need four pairs of jeans and ten t-shirts? Focus on what you’ll really wear!

3. Buy New Toiletries When You Arrive

If you’re not particular about your hair then why not buy your toiletries when you arrive at your destination?

Alternatively, invest in lightweight shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars. These products can also be left in your bag when flying.

Furthermore, embrace your natural hair while you are away! Avoid packing a straighter, hairdryer, or curlers and you’ll save a lot of weight.

4. Packing Cubes Are a Secret Weapon

When it comes to keeping your clothes neat and tidy, there is no better option than packing cubes containing individual outfits.

Alternatively, if you need space in your bag, choose a compression packing cube that will keep your clothes small yet potentially creased.

When packing your bag, keep your shoes at the bottom, then your compressed clothes on top, and finally your electronics and waterproof toiletries bag on top! This radical storage solution will save you a lot of weight when traveling.

Packing Light Is a Life Skill Worth Learning

Of course, there are many more tips for packing light. But, the more you travel, the more you will find what works best for you!

Will you focus on bringing lightweight electronics, such as a Kindle and an iPhone? Or, would you prefer to wear your heaviest clothes and shoes while flying?

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