Best Places To Visit With Clean Water In The US

by Julia on June 23, 2020

Often, people do not consider how safe or clean the water in their travel destination is. While water is a necessity of life and helps in human survival, it can also be harmful if it is not clean and safe. This is because water does not just contain essential oxygen and hydrogen, but also potentially harmful minerals and chemicals, especially tap water.

What is a Better Source of Water?

While some people prefer bottled water instead, it may not be a safer option since the regulation and testing is not as intense as the regulation of tap water. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) dictates the standards for the quality of tap water. The EPA also closely supervises those who implement the set standards – the state, localities, including the water suppliers.

The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting – the world’s largest water tasting contest inspired this list of best U.S. locations with clean water. Another source of inspiration for this list is the study carried out by the University of Cincinnati to evaluate major cities and locations’ drinking water. So, when next you plan a business or leisure trip to the U.S., you should consider the best places with clean and safe water such as the ones detailed below;

Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton, Ohio, is a great travel destination. The city features awe-inspiring sights and landmarks such as the Fitton Center for Creative Art, and the Butler County Courthouse. Other attractions include Municipal Brew Works, Hanover Winery, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, and remarkable shopping spots.

What makes the city even more exciting to travel is that visitors don’t have to worry about the water quality in this city. Hamilton won the 2015 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, making the water in this place the best (and of course safe) tasting water in the world. Also, the city has always been known for its reputation as a place with clean tap water, evidenced by four other different clean water awards in four different years.

One of the sources that get the accolade for the clean water in Hamilton is the Eldorado Springs in Boulder County, designated as the “Best Municipal Water”. Other sources include the Middle Boulder Creek Watersheds, and the North Boulder reservoirs and streams.

Santa Ana, California

Whether you are visiting Santa Ana on a business or leisure trip, you can be sure of having a swell time. The city has tons of attractions and fun activities to make your visit worthwhile. Some notable spots include Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, Santa Ana Zoo, stunning natural parks, exciting nightlife, and more.

The water in Santa Ana is one of the cleanest you can find in the U.S. The major source of water in this city is its groundwater wells, while the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California supplies the rest. Notably, Santa Ana is in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting list of Best 4 in two different years. According to a local official, the city’s water is chemically treated by adding just a small amount of chlorine, which helps to prevent contamination.

Emporia, Kansas

Once the pandemic is over and everyone can freely travel again, Emporia, Kansas is one of the great spots you may want to visit. This city harbors about 25,000 inhabitants and it’s a home of notable historic sites such as the Red Rocks State Historic Sites and other stunning landmarks.

The clean and safe water in this city will eliminate the anxiety that travelers often feel when it comes to drinking water in their destination. Just like Hamilton and Santa Ana, Emporia is one of the best places with clean water in the U.S. according to the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting ranking. The city’s Municipal H20 has been highly commended. The addition of new filters in 1996 helped in raising the water quality in this city to even a higher standard.

St. Louis, Missouri

Planning a trip to the U.S. after the lockdown is lifted? St. Louis, Missouri, is an interesting place you may want to consider. The city has a history of being the “Gateway to the West” because of its role in the Wild West conquest, symbolized by the Gateway Arch. Other stunning features that would daze any visitor include the Botanical Garden, the Forest Park, Market Street, the Old Cathedral, and the City Museum.

You will feel safe with the water in this city, whether for drinking, cooking, bathing, or washing. This is because the water has been tested and found to have a better taste, clearness, and scent. St. Louis has two water purification plants and their major water source is the Missouri River.

Las Vegas, Nevada

“A city like no other”, that’s how many people in and outside of the U.S. describe Las Vegas, Nevada. Tons of things and activities make this city thick and popular and would include casinos, shopping malls, restaurants, and other adventures.

Popularly known as the Sin City, Las Vegas has one of the cleanest water in the entire U.S. as shown by a field study. The water is free of bacteria as revealed by the same study. The drinking water in this city comes majorly from Lake Mead. And, the Lake Mead’s waters are originally snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains. The quality levels of the water in this city surpass both state and federal standards. However, a doctor’s opinion is important before a pregnant woman can drink the water.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

This city is a noteworthy destination because of its picturesque beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and tons of scenic attractions. Tulsa is rated among the cities (25 of them) in the U.S. with clean tap water. The sources of drinking water in Tulsa are northeastern Oklahoma’s three lakes.  Every four hours, the water here is monitored for turbidity, pH, and chlorine, plus other water quality tests. According to a water quality report, “Tulsa water is free of harmful substances, including bacteria, and the water is safe to drink.”

Also, you can rely on the water quality in Stevens Point Wisconsin, Austin Texas, Silverdale Washington, Denver Colorado, and a couple of other cities in the U.S.

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