10 Things you should never do on a beach

by Julia on June 22, 2020

No matter which part of the world you go, the etiquette of the beaches are same. Today we are going to talk about things you should never ever do on a beach as a part of a civilized human race.

1. Listen to music loudly

People come to the beach to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle. And this does not include listening to your favorite tunes. You may think that you have an amazing taste in music, but actually playing a DJ is rude and selfish.

2. Shake a towel near others

This is difficult because the wind is blowing from all sides, so no matter how you try to shake the beach towel so that the sand goes in a certain direction, the wind will inevitably carry it everywhere. Pouring sand on a sleeping stranger is one of the worst things you can do on the beach, so you should try to direct the towel to the side where nobody is there.

3. Forget about your water

It is extremely important to drink when you are sitting in the sun and sunbathing all day, so you need to bring a thermos filled with water. Sunbathing can be extremely dangerous if you do not consume H2O.

4. Smoking

Studies have shown that even one cigarette per day can significantly shorten life. And those who smoke often think that lingering on the beach is a great idea, because it’s kind of like outside. However, the wind is blowing from all sides, it will blow the toxic air to someone else, including children.

5. Forget about sunscreen

We all know the dangers of skin cancer, and yet many people still avoid sunblock because they worry that it will prevent them from getting the perfect tan. In addition to cancer, a lack of sunscreen can contribute to early symptoms of aging, such as dark spots and wrinkles.

6. Shave your legs right before visiting the beach

Everyone wants smooth skin when they go to the beach, but shaving right before going to the beach can cause a burn, as salt water irritates small cuts made by a razor. To avoid this, it is better to shave for 24 hours and thoroughly moisturize the skin after.

7. Drink alcohol

Given that alcohol is a synonym for relaxation, many people like to sip a cold beer or drink a glass of wine while enjoying the fun in the sun. But alcohol raises your body temperature, which means that it increases the risk of overheating. It also dehydrates.

8. Having a picnic on the beach

There is nothing like eating al fresco when the weather is good and most people will spend all day at the beach including having lunch. You need to make sure you pack a proper picnic and use a cooler bag to keep your food cold and safe in hot temperatures. We recommend bringing nice cups, plates and napkins and instead of a picnic blanket we would advise using a  very thick beach towel. And don’t forget the food. Easy finger food such as sandwiches, pies, fruit and cake is always good.


9. Bringing your animal in the beach without permission

If you are traveling with an animal, you should know if animals are allowed on the beach. At the accesses to the beaches there are signs indicating what is allowed and what is not. You will know if your four-legged friend can access it or not. Each city has its own regulations, inform yourself before going there.

10. Leaving rubbish or waste on the beach

Pay attention to your waste. Throwing away packaging and leftover food and drinks is disrespectful to others and is not very pretty. The town halls of the holiday resorts try to keep the beach in perfect condition, but everyone has to put a little of their own into it. Put your waste in the trash before leaving. If you like to find the clean beach when you arrive, try to leave it in the same condition when you leave.

Some more recommendations:

  1. Pay attention to the flags and the color of these.

For example, the blue flag indicates that the beach has obtained the environmental quality certificate and quality standards that the European Foundation for Environmental Education awards each year. On each side of this flag, you will see two others whose color changes every day depending on the state of the sea. Do you know the meaning of each color?

The green flag indicates: no problem, everyone in the water! The yellow flag warns of the possibility of certain dangers. Although swimming is not prohibited, it is recommended to stay out of the water and have fun on the sand.

However, never swim if a red or black flag has been raised. We insist: never bathe in these conditions, even if you think you are a great swimmer.

Find out more here.

  1. A green turtle (Honu), which is an endemic species of Hawaii and has been treasured as a guardian deity of Hawaii since ancient times, is protected by Hawaii state law.

Do not touch, don’t go near 6 feet (should not be closer than 2 meters), and do not give the bait. You can often see the shells being dried on the beach, but if you are under the above rules, you can visit and take pictures. If you happen to be in the immediate vicinity while swimming in the sea, leave it quietly so that you do not touch it.


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