Chartering a Private Jet During COVID-19

by Julia on May 13, 2020

Safer Travel by Chartering a Private Jet

During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent physical distancing requirements, chartering a private jet and forgoing regular commercial air travel looks more appealing than ever. If you have the means and absolutely need to travel, flying private with a charter service like Private Jetscape will greatly reduce your potential exposure to the virus.

Disregarding the convenience and luxury of flying private, the peace of mind that accompanies a vastly decreased exposure risk should make this travel option a serious consideration for any frequent flier.

Few Passengers, Less Waiting

The average private jet has fewer than 100 passengers. Some can have as few as one: just you. Recent studies have shown that over half of people infected with COVID-19 are unaware they have it and display no outward symptoms. If you absolutely need to travel, it is best to minimize your contact with other people for everyone’s safety.

Charting a private jet also means less waiting both in the airport and on the plane. The risk of infection increases the longer a person is exposed to a virus, so minimizing exposure time is key.

Private Jets to Smaller Airports

The airline industry’s income has plummeted in the last three months. To combat this, many of the larger carriers are reducing or completely cutting some of their less lucrative routes. If you are planning on taking a trip to an area with a smaller, less used airport, chartering a private jet may be your only option.

One of the many advantages of flying private is that you as the passenger have much greater control and flexibility over the logistics of your travel. If major airlines are only offering travel to your preferred destination once or twice a week for the foreseeable future, consider flying private.

Luxury Treatment and Convenience

Of course, just because we are currently living through unprecedented times does not mean that all the old realities of private jet travel are no longer true. Smaller passenger lists, less waiting, and faster travel times are all increasingly important when viewed through the present lens. However, classic benefits of chartering a jet still hold true and should not be overlooked.

Some classic benefits of chartering a private jet include:

  • No hassle with checking baggage

  • Less waiting, faster departure

  • Delicious in-flight meal options

  • Personal, friendly in-flight service

  • No waiting for baggage claim

  • Streamlined landing and deplaning

These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why flying private is inherently superior to flying commercial. Some features of travelling by chartered jet are especially appealing now, during the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, most of the benefits of this method of travel were clear before this global health crisis and will continue to be clear long after it is over. With the major airlines in crisis, it is likely we will see an uptick in passengers chartering their own private jets for both the added safety and convenience they offer.

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