Dutch Foods to Enjoy in Amsterdam

by Julia on April 28, 2020

Amalgamating Northern Europe staples with New World tastes, Holland has developed exceptional cookery that is famous for its different snacks and hearty meals. Some of these gastronomic delights go well with a creamy Dutch latte or local beer. The following are several yummiest dishes you can get in the Netherlands, most of which are obtainable throughout the nation thanks to numerous successful Dutch chefs.


If you attempt a single Dutch sweet treat, then it must be stroopwafel. Two thin waffles wedged together with a coating of sweet syrup; these enjoyable delicacies are best eaten hot and mushy.


These are conventional deep-fried meatballs enjoyed by buddies together with some beers. Enjoyable and greasy, bitterballen are typically dipped in slight mustard and devoured using a toothpick or your hands. Numerous pubs will serve them as a snack.

Apple pie

As if you wanted reasons to gobble a heartening cut of apple pie. The deep-dish Dutch type is mixed with cinnamon, sprinkled with raisins and served ’till a whipped cream smothering. Apple pie tops the dessert menu in numerous cafés and restaurants in Holland.


Olliebollen means ‘oil balls’ – nevertheless, that should not put you off.  These are deep-fried sweet dumplings (at times comprising fruit pieces) plus sprinkled in-ground sugar, and they are so tasty that they are only available during New Year’s Eve, just before the January diet comes knocking.


Some kind of biscuits. They are crispy, thick; regularly have a tipoff of nutmeg. Dutch citizens are crazy about it and consume them in a kind of spread on your bread.


The most popular marketplace snack in Holland is Kibbeling. It is a fried battered fish (normally cod) with some tartar sauce.


Tompoes are cream-filled desserts held together using two extended pieces of puff pastry plus have a pink icing topping. The creamy treat is consumed with coffee or tea and vended in supermarkets and bakeries throughout the Netherlands. Individuals have a hard time determining how to chomp tompoes, with some favoring to slice it into tiny handy portions. In contrast, others take huge bites from any of its ends, regularly ejecting cream out from the other.


Dutch pancakes are bigger and slender than Scotch or American pancakes. They are ordinarily savoury and sweet and come with lots of topping possibilities. Pannenkoeken is so prevalent here that there are numerous steadfast pancake eateries all over the Netherlands. What to put on it is the only choice you require making!

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