Travelling and holidays: Know your rights

by Julia on April 27, 2020

Everyone is aware of the devastating effects COVID 19 is having around the world, but if you scratch below the surface of the health and economic problems caused and you’ll see numerous ripple effects which are severely impacting on the quality of our lives. This includes severe travel restrictions which were put into place in March that are unlikely to lift for the foreseeable future. Thousands of individuals and families have had their holiday and travel plans for this year put on hold or cancelled.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) want to help consumers stay informed. Perhaps now more than ever, consumers should be aware of their rights and have the support and resource to help them navigate the numerous laws and regulations concerning travel and holidays, which can sometimes prove to be a nightmare to traverse.

And for travel operators and organisers, it should be a priority that all staff are well versed in their responsibilities and obligations to customers under consumer law.

This is why CTSI and BEIS have published a new free guide, ‘Practical holiday law: Guidance for business’.

While it is designed specifically for businesses within the travel industry, it contains a wealth of important information for travelers and holidaymakers, including useful information such as:

  • definitions of travel law terminology

  • information about payment surcharges

  • the use of credit cards

  • guidance on complaint resolution

  • detailed information about the 2018 Package Travel Regulations (PTRs).

These cover Package and Linked Travel Arrangements which is a relatively new and potentially complicated area that the guide can help consumers to navigate.

Bruce Treloar, CTSI Lead Officer for Holiday and Travel Law, says:

“Package holidays and Linked Travel Arrangements are complex combinations of travel services. Different service providers, for example airlines and hotels, are often involved and a problem with the delivery of one service may affect the delivery of the others.

“One of the major problems is the need for businesses to accept that separate purchases of travel services will come under the new rules.”

Experts in travel law

The guide features case studies and real-life examples of where a knowledge of consumer rights can ensure that all parties – whether travel providers or travelers themselves – are satisfied. Compiled by experts in travel law, these include getting the wording of promotions right and perhaps most importantly right now – travel operators’ responsibilities to their customers with regard to cancellations.

There are also plenty of other useful facts and pieces of information which will prove helpful to both consumers and operators, making the guide a very handy resource, particularly at this time but also for the future where it could prove to be an invaluable travelling companion for consumers.

‘Practical holiday law: Guidance for business’ has been produced as part of CTSI’s Business Companion website, a free online resource designed to offer information and guidance to businesses of all sizes about their responsibilities towards consumers.

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The booklet was produced on contract by Fourth Estate Creative Ltd

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