What is Berlin Famous For?

by Julia on April 24, 2020

People come to Berlin for various reasons – some for the sake of a rich nightlife whilst others come to feel the history; according to the latest archaeological data, people have lived in this place for over 60 thousand years. So what are the main must-see Berlin tourist attractions?

1. The Reichstag Building

This is perhaps the most recognizable place of all the sights for Berlin sightseeing. Most excursions in modern Berlin begin here. The magnificent palace of German statehood, built in 1894, witnessed all the historical events that shaped the fate of modern Germany. The building of the German Parliament was repeatedly destroyed; it was badly damaged in a fire in 1933, and as a result of the bombing in 1945, it was almost destroyed again. However, after several reconstructions, the building has now acquired its original appearance once again. Especially worth a visit is the grandiose glass dome recently restored, where a unique observation deck, accessible for tourists, is located. From here, in clear weather, you can see all the surrounding sights of Berlin in all its glory.


2. Brandenburg Gate

The classical arch of the Brandenburg Gate, according to the architects, is the Gate to the World, so it is somewhat ironic that German soldiers left to fight on the battlefields through them. Four horses, controlled by the goddess of victory, crown with twelve columns. The Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of a united Germany and was replicated on millions of postcards scattered around the world. Tourists, thinking about what to visit in Berlin, go through this gate to the famous Linden Alley and move along it, visiting historical places. In the photographs of this part of the city, the Brandenburg Gate always seems to appear in the frame, introducing the flavor of the German capital into the surrounding landscape.


3. The Berlin Wall

This is an ugly concrete barrier of more than three meters in height, entangled with barbed wire, running about 160 km long, which separated West Berlin from Democratic Germany in 1961. It stood for 28 years, dividing the German people into two hostile states. In November 1989, after the simplification of the border regime between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, the Berlin Wall ceased to be a symbol of the separation of the country and was taken apart by hand by the German people on both sides. Now remnants of the wall are covered in the graffiti of street artists and the small pieces of the wreckage of the destroyed structure are spread around the world. If you want to know more  you can read a lot about it in the Berlin Wall essay.

Currently, the restored fragment of the wall, with a length of about 800m, along the Bernauer Strasse has become a monument to the unity of the inhabitants of all of Germany to symnolise that the united Germany cannot be destroyed by artificial obstacles. Tourists in Berlin include the infamous wall in their list as a must-see monument to the end of the Cold War. Berlin wall essay examples include the information about the fact that unified Berlin is developing and becoming prettier, and the remnants of the wall remind of the times of the Iron Curtain and the need to learn from historical events.


 4. Museum Island

On the island in the middle of the Spree River are 5 Berlin museums. This historical complex began its development from the first building built in 1830, called the Old Museum, which presents an exposition of antique statues, weapons, and ancient Greek jewelry. Later, the New Museum was also built, where samples of papyrus and exhibits of ancient Egyptian art are exhibited.

The Old National Gallery, opened in 1876, will be interesting to lovers of impressionism, the works of the renowned Berliner Menzel are also exhibited here, you can also admire the Roman frescoes. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the Bode Museum opened its doors to visitors, representing Byzantine art and sculpture from Germany and Italy from the early Middle Ages. In 1930, the Pergamon Museum was founded, exhibiting Islamic art and cultural samples of Western Asia.


5. Pergamon Museum

The most visited museum in Germany was named after its main exhibit – the Pergamon Altar, found during excavations on the lands of the kingdom of the same name, which existed in 290-120 BC. in the territory of modern Turkey (now the city of Bergama).


6. Holocaust Memorial

There are plenty of Berlin’s military sights, for the most part, these are monuments dedicated to the tragic events of the most bloody war in the history of mankind – World War II. One of them is located near the Brandenburg Gate and is a huge field with countless concrete blocks erected in memory of the murdered Jews of Europe. This is a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust – a regime of mass extermination of Jews who lived in Germany and in the territories occupied by it. You can read more about Holocaust in this holocaust essay.

This place is popular among tourists, although its visit will undoubtedly evoke the most difficult of emotions, including the unbelievable scale of the tragedy that has happened. But it was precisely this goal that the author of the memorial project, Peter Aizeman, pursued. More than two thousand gray blocks made of special concrete create a long labyrinth that seems to be crushing from all sides, reflecting the horror of what happened. Read more in the essay on the Holocaust.


7. Charlottenburg Palace

The royal residence, erected at the end of the XVII century, got its name in honor of Sofia Charlotte, the wife of the Prussian king Frederick I. The refined palace complex is surrounded by a magnificent park in a classical style. Elegant stairs, greenhouses, carp pond, a variety of statues, elegant bridges, centuries-old linden trees, and flower beds create a unique atmosphere where Berliners love to walk and play sports. Free access to the park makes it possible to enjoy beautiful landscapes and to cool off in the shady alleys where you can hide from the bustle of the big city and listen to the birds singing in peace and quiet. IMG_262


Despite the fact that Berlin is a very busy and lively capital, there are places where you can feel at one with nature. Moreover, all the streets are lined with straight rows of trees creating a very beautiful atmosphere. All the palaces of the city are surrounded by well-groomed green parks. In addition to them, the city is also home to many recreational parks where you can walk, bike or jog through beautiful green surroundings.

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