Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

by Julia on April 21, 2020

Which one of us doesn’t dream about traveling, adventures, and new experiences? Traveling has plenty of benefits for you, including better health, expanded horizons, expanded social network, new experiences, and much more.

Although traveling has lots of benefits to offer, students who are open to adventures will likely encounter a few major issues that may restrain them from traveling.

First of all, a big issue is related to a large academic load. However, there is also another issue. We all know that student budget can be rather restricted, which often makes traveling unaffordable. Is there anything you could do to solve this? In this article, we are going to prove to you that traveling on a student budget is possible!

Top 7 Tips for Student Travelers

So, how to solve those issues?

In terms of academic load, the solution is pretty simple. Students are assigned dozens of written assignments that can get in the way of your journey. Luckily, there is EssayOnTime – the best assignment online help service that can help you deal with your papers, get high grades, and, at the same time, save enough time for traveling. Professional writers from EssayOnTime are always ready to assist you!

But what about the budget? In the list below, we have compiled the top 7 budget student travel tips:

  1. Plan Far Ahead!

The first and most important tip for traveling on a budget is to plan ahead. Spontaneous trips, though can be very exciting, are quite expensive. However, when you plan your journeys in advance, you can get the best deals on everything including housing, flights, and more.

  1. Search for Low-Cost Flights

Dreaming about visiting a different country? Then you will most likely want to take a plain to reach your destination. Although flying is typically considered to be costly, there is always a way to save a few bucks on your tickets by opting for low-cost companies or seeking special deals.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Purchase a City Card

In most touristic cities across the world, there are special City or Tourist Cards and they are great for budget traveling! Some of the benefits you can get with such a card are:

  • Free map and guidebook;

  • Free entry to the most popular visitor attractions;

  • Plenty of offers and discounts for restaurants, shops, and cafes;

  • Priority access to some sights;

  • Free or cheap public transport.

Quite a few pros, right? Thus, it is a worthy purchase for a student traveler!

  1. Avoid Using Taxis

Taxi is probably the most expensive transport you can find in most countries. Often, it can even be cheaper to rent a car.

  1. Buy Public Transport Passes

Most cities with well-developed infrastructure offer some sort of public transport passes valid for a few hours or even days. If you are planning to use public transport a lot during your visit, this can be a great solution as they make the cost of transport much cheaper.

  1. Spend Less on Foods

Food is often a big expense item for travelers. However, you can avoid spending too much on it by following these simple rules:

  • Don’t buy food at popular touristic places – it is going to be twice more expensive there;

  • Cook your own meals and pack lunches when possible;

  • Search for low-cost grocery stores;

  • Try local cuisine at non-tourist places, as a rule, cafes, and restaurants that are meant for locals and are not included in the city’s guidebooks are much cheaper!

And here is one more tip you may find handy – try to avoid famous fast food points. For example, McDonald’s can be much more expensive in some countries than you would ever believe.

  1. Claim Tax Relief

When going on a trip, you will likely buy some stuff there. If your destination was outside your native country, you can claim tax relief when leaving. Although taxes are normally included in every purchase you make abroad, most countries offer tax relief to tourists who are not their citizens.

To make your purchases tax-free, you should save receipts and submit them to special electronic kiosks or customs window when leaving the country of your visit. In this case, they will give you back the money you’ve spent on taxes. This is a great money-saving tip not many know about!

The Bottom Line

Traveling isn’t just a fun thing to do. It also allows young people to expand their horizons, discover new cultures, meet lots of new people, and encounter new and memorable experiences. Traveling is also a great way to acquire new vital life skills and get to know oneself better.

If you are craving for adventures but don’t think you can afford it, we’ve got some great news for you! With the handy tips given above, traveling becomes affordable even for students on a tight budget! Use these tips to expand your horizons and open up the whole world for yourself, without going bankrupt.

Author’s Bio: This post was created by Sandra Larson, a professional writer, and a passionate traveler. Sandra has been engaged in traveling since college and knows everything about budget travel tips. In this article, she shares some of the best tips to help students travel on a budget.

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