Smart Ways To Use Your Holiday Souvenirs In Your Interior Decorating

by Julia on April 2, 2020

Finding a place to keep all your keepsakes when you come back from travelling can be tough, especially if you have accumulated many of them. But with creative ways of displaying them in your home, you can decorate without damaging any of the souvenirs you have bought home with you. To help you get started, we have compiled some of our favourite ideas below.

Make A Wall Feature

If you have a souvenir such as hats, these can be displayed on the wall as a wall feature. Whether this is in the living room or the spare bedroom, this custom wall art will stand out and will also act as a conversation starter. This can also be added to as you travel more allowing you to create the ultimate keepsake for you and your family that can be taken down and moved when you move.

Print Your Images On Canvas

If you have a number of your favourite images, you can generate an online canvas printing of all your favourite images. This can be printed to a size that you like and showcased in any room in your home. There are many options for you to choose from when designing your canvas online allowing you to have the final finish that you want. Whether it is a collage of images or one of your favourite locations from your trip, these can all be immortalised on canvas for you to enjoy again and again with your friends and family.

Install Kitchen Magnets

As the central hub of the home, the kitchen is the perfect place to display any keepsakes that you have. Whether it is a decorative bowl or a tapestry from a distant land this can all be hung on the wall or displayed on the kitchen island. Alternatively, displaying magnets on your kitchen fridge is another way to showcase your souvenir collection from your trip. These can be displayed in front and centre on the fridge and are the perfect way to start a conversation over a cup of tea. Additionally, it allows you to turn the humble kitchen fridge into something far more decorative.

Frame Travel Maps

If you have collected several maps in your travels what better way to display them then to frame them. This is the perfect way to showcase them in a way that will not lead them to become damaged. Whether this is a feature wall in an office or framed as you go up the stairs, this is a creative way of filling empty wall space with truly unique designs. With each map having their own story, this is a great conversation starter for house guests and a great way to reminisce with the family all at once.

Whether you are looking to design your new home or you are looking for creative ways to showcase your keepsakes from your gap year, we are sure that these creative design options will provide you with an abundance of interesting ideas. Good Luck!

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