7 Tips for Staying in Shape While Traveling

by Julia on March 2, 2020

Maintaining fitness requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It also calls for consistency. Most folks who prioritize staying fit have a workout routine and have adopted regular eating habits in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

However, keeping any type of schedule can be tough when you’re on the road. After all, you don’t have your regular gym and eating well can be tricky when there are so many tempting treats along the way and you’re on the go.

Things are especially difficult if you travel a lot for work or other reasons. Living in hotels and out of suitcases doesn’t lend itself well to maintaining any type of routine, let alone exercise and healthy eating. However, these tips for staying in shape while traveling can help you to maintain your current lifestyle.

1. Pack Workout Equipment

Many hotels have a gym or workout space, but not all do. Therefore, sneaking in some exercise can be tricky when you’re on the road. Even if your lodging does offer a workout room, you may not feel like being around people some days. Packing light workout equipment for your trip can be a good compromise that allows you to work out in your room. Resistance bands, a yoga mat or a jump rope are just a few things you can bring with you to keep up your exercise habit.

2. Go Exploring

For days when you are feeling social and energetic, you can get some exercise by exploring the city or town where you’re staying. Walking the neighborhood to check out the sights is fun and educational. It also helps you get your steps in. If you’re staying somewhere near water, head to the lake or the beach to go for a swim. Walking along the water’s edge or going hiking in the woods can also be incredibly calming, so it’s also good for your mental health.

3. Download a Fitness App

In our world of technology, there’s not much we can’t find on our phones or computers. Nearly anything we need is right at our fingertips, and that includes fitness apps to help us stay in shape.

These apps are great because they offer a variety of workouts you can follow, and you usually don’t even need to use any special equipment. Take some time to explore various apps to see which appeal to you and fit your preferred workout style. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one (or more) to help keep you moving when you’re away from home.

4. Bring Your Supplements

When traveling, don’t forget to bring along your health supplements when you pack your regular medication regimen. Supplements like CBD capsules 10 mg won’t take up much extra room in your suitcase and can keep you in tip-top shape. This can be especially important when you’re away from home, as our bodies may feel particularly rundown due to the stress of an unfamiliar routine.

CBD oil is a great option to consider because it offers so many health benefits such as improved sleep, pain reduction and lowered anxiety. CBD is also loved by a number of professional athletes for its fitness benefits, including post-workout recovery.

5. Check for Local Gyms

If you prefer a larger gym or if your hotel doesn’t have one, you could always check the city or town where you’re staying to see if you can find one nearby to attend. Lots of gyms offer temporary memberships or short passes for those who are visiting the area. It’s even possible you could find one with a free trial you could take advantage of.

In addition,  gyms usually have a wide array of fitness classes if this is something you prefer in order to add a little variety to your workout. It’s possible you could find an exercise class to join at a local YMCA or community center, too. Looking outside the box can usually get you some pretty great opportunities.

6. Stock Some Snacks

Eating healthy while traveling can prove to be a real challenge. It’s so easy to “cheat” on your regular diet when visiting new places. That’s because you’re often on the go and have to grab whatever you can find that’s handy. In addition, work trips and vacations often find you eating out at new restaurants.

In social situations like these, it’s hard to stay away from the assortment of delicious food and drinks at your disposal. That’s why it’s good to stock your hotel room or Airbnb with some healthy snacks to help you stave off temptation.

Pre-cut fruits and veggies are something you can easily pick up at the store and keep in your room’s mini-fridge. Individual packets of nuts or other healthy snacks are also good to have on the go. Choose options that are most appealing to you so that you’ll be more likely to eat them over less healthy treats.

Every small action can make a difference and help to keep you on track. Splurging here and there is okay, but you don’t want to regret sabotaging the great progress you’ve made by going overboard.

7. Stay Hydrated

We all know that staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is essential to any fitness regimen. What you may not realize is that it can matter even more when you’re traveling. This is especially true on flights.

There’s less oxygen in the airplane cabin, so you’ll want to make up for it by drinking plenty of water. In addition, traveling in general can be hectic and busy. It’s easy to forget to drink your water when you’re constantly on the run. So, consider packing your favorite water bottle in your suitcase or pick up a case of bottled water once you reach your destination. You won’t regret taking this extra step toward maintaining your health while away from home.

Hopefully, these tips for staying fit while traveling can help you to maintain your regular diet and exercise routine. With just a bit of preparation and a few modifications, it is possible to eat healthy and exercise while on the road.

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