Unique Travel Destinations that you have to add to your bucket list

by Julia on February 28, 2020

We’re all well aware of the popular tourist spots: Maldives, Paris, Bali, Greece, just to name a few. While those are some very beautiful locations, there are plenty more breathtaking locations with spectacular views, which you may or may not have heard about yet. In this article, we have pieced a list of 12 locations that you definitely should consider visiting for your next holiday!

1. South Korea

With K-pop acts taking over the world today, this has brought about much more attention to South Korea as a holiday destination. The abundance of experiences that South Korea offers, makes it a place fit for just about anyone. For the nature lovers out there, Seoraksan National Park is worth dropping by as it is South Korea’s third-highest mountain. It boasts of hot springs, temples, and stunning rock formations. Another place to note is Jeju Island; Located in the Jeju Province of South Korea, the Island is Korea’s largest one and is famously known for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters and cave-like lava tubes.

2. Mauritius

Located in the Indian Ocean is this tiny island nation. Featuring endless turquoise waters, you can feast on local street food, or explore the historical and religious sites to learn more about Mauritius’ rich history as a colonial trade hub. One place that will take your breath away is Le Morne Brabant. This mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage site and consists of many caves and overhands on its steep slopes. There are also the Seven Colored Earths that have sands of different colors coming together to create a beautiful illusion of striped dunes; you’ll have to head down to see this amazing natural creation for yourself!

3. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the world’s ninth-largest country and is just the right location for adventurous explorers seeking unique architecture and city tours; while also getting to experience the wilderness. If you choose this destination, we’d recommend visiting Astana. Once an empty patch of land, it is now the new capital, with futuristic buildings and architecture being built rapidly. Another highlight is the Big Almaty Lake. Sitting in the Tian Shan Mountain, this beautiful lake features bright blue-green waters in the latter part of the year and is colored a milky blue in the earlier months.

4. Cyprus

Known as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’, this lush island enchants visitors with its golden beaches, rocky coves, and its rich history. At Kyrenia, water sports lovers can take a boat cruise to the swimming and snorkeling spots, or climb up a castle to get a bird’s eye view of the harbor.

Be sure to also drop by Limassol, the second-biggest city in Cyprus to enjoy the lively dining scene while taking in scenic beach views.

5. Latvia

As a landscape marked by wide beaches and dense forests, almost half of this country consists of green ecosystems, as well as historical towns and religious spots. Visit the Gauja National Park, which is the largest and oldest park in the country, with over 500 cultural and historical monuments to see. It also offers activities to get your adrenaline pumping; Enjoy a ride down the luge and bobsleigh track, or bungee jump from a cable car!

6. Ecuador

Ecuador lies on the Equator, and it has plenty of picturesque sights for you to take in; mountains, beaches, rainforest, volcanoes, and even hot springs. One famous valley that is commonly known to tourists is Cuenca. It is enclosed by the Andean mountains and the center is full of rich history. For history lovers, Quito’s Jesuit Church is the place to be. This historical landmark took over 160 years to build and has an interior that is filled with intricate sculptures, carvings, and a lot of gold.

7. Samoa

Samoa is an island nation filled with volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, and more. Samoa offers various packages for visitors to choose from and is perfect for couples looking for a romantic time. If you’re looking for a leisurely swim, Sua Ocean Trench is a great option as you’ll get to journey to the natural ocean blowholes and rock pools as you bask in the lush greenery. Another attraction on your lists should be Papapapaitai Falls. This showstopper of a waterfall winds down the Cross Island Road, which offers many scenic picnic spots.

8. Uruguay

Located on the Southeastern coast of South America, Uruguay offers an experience of the gaucho culture on a ranch of hills or a lively club night at Punta del Este. We’d recommend staying at Casapueblo resort as this unique resort in Punta Ballena is the tourist symbol of the peninsula, and offers picturesque views ready for your camera.

9. Namibia

A country in Southern Africa, it is home to a diverse range of wildlife and parks. One such destination is Giant’s Playground. There, you can stand in the middle of the quiver tree forest and get wowed by the beauty of nature; the surroundings of quiver trees make for a unique atmosphere that you cannot feel elsewhere.

10. Guatemala

A country in Central America, it is largely dominated by Indian culture. The country features multiple active volcanoes, lush lagoons, and the Caribbean-blue Lake Peten Itza. Out of all their amazing places, Tikal National Park is our favorite. It lies in the heart of the jungle and is home to many wildlife species, including jaguars, monkeys, and over 60 species of bats. There is also Lake Peten Itza where its pristine blue waters are a spectacular sight to behold.

11. Papua New Guinea

A country known for its beaches and coral reefs, it also boasts of a rich cultural and biological diversity, where over 800 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea. Clap along to the singing of the local tribes in the Highlands, or engage in water sport activities like snorkeling and diving.

12. Newfoundland, Canada

Here’s where you’ll get to feast your eyes on glacier-carved fjords, and hike past thunderous waterfalls. Newfoundland not only offers magnificent landscape views but is also a cultural heritage filled with humor and creativity. If you are a fan of fjords, Gros Morne National Park offers boat tours that will give you a chance to get close to the towering fjords.

Traveling need not always be relaxing as it is an opportunity to experience something that you’re not familiar with. It’s time to look beyond the common list of tourist-populated locations and visit somewhere that you’ve never thought of going before. Besides selecting a destination that you’ve never been to, another consideration would be finding activities to do at least once in your life. We’re talking about finding bucket list ideas to get you excited for your next trip; after all, what will make your holiday more memorable than a unique and out worldly experience?

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