What is Medical Tourism?

by Julia on February 14, 2020

Medical tourism is an action of individuals to travel from one nation to another to get therapeutic care. There are a number of reasons for this aspect:

  • lower prices in contrast with their native country

  • best therapeutic services

  • more experienced doctors

  • the availability of innovative technologies that are not accessible in their native country

  • more accurate diagnosis

  • an opportunity to combine treatment with vacation.

A number of other individual reasons can also be added to this list. We named only the main ones.

For some time, people searched for clinics and specialists in other nations themselves. But they faced many other related problems such as arrangement of accommodation and meals, language and lack of knowledge of how to get to the location of treatment. In 2014, a platform that allows solving all these issues in one place without leaving the home was founded Bookimed.

What is Bookimed?

Bookimed is a global marketplace for matching the therapeutic center with a person and healthcare trip arrangement. The platform is an invention of two Ukrainian entrepreneurs Mr. Khotianov Mr. Kozlov. Initially, it was a small agency that helped people find the right clinic. But then Bookimed grew up to a marketplace where people could find the relevant clinic, procedure and doctor, and began to help people solve logistic issues as well.

According to Bookimed.com, 300,000 unique customers use this platform to find treatment abroad every month. For these 5 years the Bookimed team has helped about 300,000 patients with the suitable therapeutic choice.

What the medical tourists are looking for?

Bookimed collaborates with 620 clinics in 28 countries. The company employs more than 70 coordinators with medical education who are ready to advise, help with the center selection and organize the trip 24/7. They speak 10 languages including English, Russian and Arabic to answer all the questions that interest the patient more accurately and clearly.

Although Bookimed works in half of the nations of the world, most frequently individuals select five of them Germany, Israel, Turkey, India and Spain 80% of all patients. These countries have already established themselves as excellent providers of medical tourism worldwide. Each of them leads in different specialties: Germany in joint and eye surgery, Israel in oncological and hematological diseases treatment, Spain in neuro and cardio disorders therapy, Turkey and India in organ transplantation. The last two countries are also very popular due to the high-quality service at low prices.

In later decades, such medical areas as plastic surgery, dentistry and check-up have been actively developing. And besides Turkey, Thailand, Mexico and South Korea drive in these specialties. In addition to low prices (possibility to save up to 80%), world patients are also attracted by the opportunity to combine treatment with vacation.

Bookimed’s values and growth area

In agreement with the American Journal of Medicine, 14-16 million people travel overseas for therapeutic travel over the globe. Each of these individuals is trying to find the foremost fitting medical care scheduling for their matter. Bookimed provides its services to patients free of charge. They pay for services directly at the clinic. Bookimed is the patient’s protector, so the team ensures that all transactions and checks are transparent. The platform itself is sponsored by clinics that pay a fee for each patient. Due to the high need in the field of medical tourism, therapeutic centers often provide special offers and discounts to Bookimed patients.

The Bookimed team works every day to make the service even easier to use. Bookimed is open to patients. In view of this, in addition to the main site, where you can find all the fundamental data, Bookimed is presented on social networks. There the team makes communities for world patients with the same issue to support them, inform about innovations and discounts, understand what difficulties patients face and solve them.

Safety and patient desires always come first for Bookimed. Mutual assistance, adherence, and responsibility are the company’s core values. Therefore, the team maintains contact with the person from their request on the website or social media and finishing with their coming back in their native nation.

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