Signs That You Need To Take Time Off

by Julia on February 14, 2020

Everybody needs a break from time to time. It is necessary unless you want to suffer from burnout or insanity. Responsibilities, errands, keeping up with taking care of a home, there is only so much you can handle. One day, you wake up fed up with your busy routine, and this is the perfect time to go on a holiday. But sometimes you are in such a rush; it is hard even to realize that you need a break. Let’s talk about some symptoms that indicate you need to take some time off.

One big warning sign is when you become restless; you never feel relaxed enough. You consider recharging your batteries a challenge that feels impossible to achieve. Another symptom of being overworked is when you can’t fall asleep at night, so an insomnia problem. You may also observe some changes in your eating habits. Lack of appetite or eating your stress both indicate you need a vacation. The most obvious indicator of being overworked is having no motivation. And finally, stress and too many responsibilities can cause health problems, so if you feel like you are sick all the time, start packing your bags.

Once you realize that it is time to take a break, it is time to plan your holiday. You might want to escape to the other side of the planet. But it is proven that you get the most relaxed when you choose comfort over a trendy location. Skip long flights and go for a field trip instead. It can be as simple as renting a car, for example at, and organizing a city break – no phones, no work, only the beauty of nature.

If you are still not sure whether you need to go on a holiday, check out the graphic below, and ask yourself some additional questions.

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