From the States to Paris when things don’t always go to plan, love will find a way

by Julia on January 28, 2020

Late last year I was looking into holidays in Paris for myself and partner, we had not been on a holiday for almost 10 years outside of the states, so as a diligent husband I started into looking at flights from atlanta to paris I managed to find some really good deals for the beginning of December

We then started thinking about and planning what we were going to do, obviously all the main tourist bits like the Eiffel tower, the Louvre and of course eating all the amazing cuisine from one of the major foodie locations in the world, as it got closer to the date to leave, my partner was actually told that she would be getting placed in New York up until the day before we flew out, as my partner got this news she was looking over at me with dread, she wouldn’t easily be able to make it back from New York to Atlanta and make our flights.

I jumped straight back on to Google to find her a new flight so had a quick search for flight(s) New York Paris and within minutes we had cancelled her flight from Atlanta and had her booked on a flight from New York that arrived just 90 minutes after I got in to Paris.

After this little set back we couldn’t wait to fly out and relax for a week or two in one of the most romantic cities in the world, the flights when without issue and when my partner got off in Paris I  was able to meet her with some roses and we started our holiday in style.

The other thing that happened is when we got to the top of the Eiffel Tower my partner of 14 years also agreed to be my wife, I think we have decided that the next time we fly to Paris it will be to have our wedding

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