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by Julia on January 22, 2020

An island bringing two islands together, north island and south island, New Zealand is a place of infinite beauty. Having picturesque landscapes, lush sceneries, breathtaking lakes, greenery and mountains, the country is packed with everything that a human eye finds fascinating and pleasing. If you are are a travel enthusiast or someone who is planning a trip abroad the first time intending to go to a place that is filled with beauty, then New Zealand it the best place to visit.

If you have already planned a visit to New Zealand, then you must know what the place has to offer before you step into that country. You should know about every scenic to adventurous places so you can manage your trip effectively and have maximum fun. In this article, we will try to cover the maximum aspects of New Zealand so after reading this you will have a pretty solid idea of what to head for directly when you land there.

Milford Sound

As suggested by many travelers who have already seen the place, Milford is the must-go-to place if you visit New Zealand. Often, referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, the place is breathtakingly beautiful. It is packed with spectacular glaciers, mountains, and landscapes that hold the evidence of the time when they were created so beautifully that one could just stare at them for an infinite amount of time.

If you like observing nature from every possible angle, then opt for a sightseeing cruise through the entire fjord. While boating on the long scenic lake fjord, you will come across many striking waterfalls, some of them are permanent while some of them are temporarily formed after rainfall. You will also get to observe the wildlife of the fjord that is as beautiful as the lake and the place itself.

If you love underwater marine life but you cannot summon enough courage to swim deep into the sea either because you have water phobia or you do not know how to swim, then Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory is a must place for you to go. It is a floating observatory that goes 30 feet deep and you can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the underwater life from there without getting wet even a bit.

Bay of Islands 

Consisting of 144 islands that lie between the Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett, Bay of Islands is a dream destination for those who want to experience everything in one place. There is so much to do there that you would not be able to decide where to start and what to do first.

You can go for scuba diving or if you are a marine life lover, you can explore the underwater world. You can also go for a Dolphins cruise by Fullers GreatSights which will give you a great opportunity to observe the beautiful marine life of all the 144 islands. Through the cruise, you will also get an opportunity of observing the delightful landscapes of all the islands and the famous hole in the rock or Piercy island.


The largest city of New Zealand, having the modern infrastructure and very fast-paced life, the place is the best choice to start your trip from as many international flights arrive at Auckland Airport. While you are in Auckland, you should explore the city’s day as well as night’s life.

If you are an adventurous soul who seeks thrill in everything then Auckland is the place for you. You can go for bungee jumping from the top of the Auckland Harbour bridge that is 40 meters high. Where the city has sky towers, it also has beautiful landscapes just like all the other places in New Zealand. You can explore these magnificent viewpoints through mountain biking or cycling.

The fun does not end there. You can enjoy adrenaline-boosting rides at the Rainbow’s End Theme Park of Auckland. If you are with your kids, the park has many family-friendly rides as well. For some classic experience, you can go sailing on America’s Cup Yacht at full speed and have a whole new experience of viewing the landscapes.

Since New Zealand is an island, you can have an amazing underwater life experience in every city. In Auckland, you will have the opportunity of going for snorkeling, which will enable you to observe the marine life present in the oceans of Auckland. If you are someone who loves knowing about different cultures, visit museums and art galleries.


Another adventurous city for thrill-seeking travelers is Queenstown. It is a place packed with activities that instantly boost adrenaline and give you a refreshing energy boost. These activities include bungee jumping, river rafting, skydiving, and jet boating. The highest cliff jump of the world is found in Queenstown which makes you go for a skydive above canyon river, provided by Shotover Canyon Swing.

The place is also home to many wonderful dining scenes, so if you feel hungry after enjoying the energetic activities, you can go for scrumptious meals in restaurants that are set in front of magnificent city views.

Caves of New Zealand

Numerous caves in New Zealand have antique and old formations that one gets completely lost in the world of nature. Waitomo Glowworm caves are unique caves that are home to thousands of glowworms that illuminate the entire area under the cave. You can take a sailing trip through these caves under the beautiful illumination of the worms while the tour guide tells you about their science.

Other caves like Rotorua, Aranui Cave, and Ruakuri are equally as brilliantly formed as the glowworm ones. The Ruakari cave starts with spiral entrance and leads to much more glowworms filled path, and the best part about this cave is you can go on foot rather than sailing through the sea.

This is only a glimpse into what New Zealand has to offer when you plan a trip there. For detailed information about every spot worth visiting in New Zealand, read a Guide to New Zealand by Exploring This Rock.

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