Things You Need to Know About Renting A Car in Dubai

by Julia on January 15, 2020

Are you going to visit Dubai and want to rent a car? Then there some things that you must keep in mind. Dubai is a great tourist destination with its different rules and own culture. That is why; renting a car in this country can be challenging. However, these rules are not very difficult to follow. These things are as follows:

Does Renting A Car Make Sense?

Well, there are many reasons that it can make sense for your trip. However, I have made a list to help clear your doubts.

  • Dubai has many major roads with safety which makes it a good place for cars. Moreover, the traffic signs on the board are understandable by the foreigners.

  • The public transport system in Dubai is not very reliable than in many countries. So, renting a car is a great way to save money. You can call a cab but it can put more strain on your budget.

  • All you need is the freedom to drive your car to explore this amazing tourist destination.

  • All type of cars is available for rent such as luxury, economy, etc.

  • Moreover, this country also offers Emirati Desert which is a good choice for people looking for adventure.

Driving Basics in Dubai

There are certain driving rules that you must know before renting a car. These are as follows:

  • Like Europe and the USA, you need to drive on the right.

  • The driver must be 18 years old to drive a car in Dubai. Some companies only rent their cars if you are over 25.

  • If you are coming from any GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council Countries) such as Australia, Europe, and the US then you do not need to have an International Driving License. You can use your country’s license to be able to drive in Dubai. But if you are coming from any other part of the world then make sure you have an international driving license.

How to Find the Best Rental Prices?

You need to know about the cost of renting in Dubai before making any decision. Does the cost of renting is in your budget?

Well, public transport is an option but it cannot cover all the areas. In these cases, you need to grab a taxi to explore these places. So, if you are making a lot of trips in Dubai and need to explore the whole city then renting a car worth it. Dubai is a favorite tourist destination, many people around the world came here every year. This means there is a lot of competition which increases the chances of finding a cheap car. Moreover, you need to check the company’s website to confirm the rates.

Gas Prices in Dubai

The prices of fuel are not very expensive in this country. The fuel prices are affordable throughout the Emirates. Which is also a great factor for renting a car. The prices are low for people coming from Europe.

Following are the prices of fuel when this article was written:

Diesel – AED 2.38 (0.65USD, 0.58 EUR)
Special 95 – AED 2.12 (0.58 USD, 0.52 EUR)
Super 98 – AED 2.24 (0.61USD, 0.55 EUR)

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