3 Stunning Vacation Hotspots For Senior Travellers

by Julia on January 15, 2020

Americans over the age of 65 and up is expected to double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2065. And the total number of elderly in the United States will go up from 16 percent to 23 percent within the next 5 years. What’s more, according to The American Association of Retired Persons, retirees plan on taking four to five trips per year for relaxation, to be with their families, and because of their bucket list.

Some prefer to travel to warmer regions, while others look for locations that offer stunning views and serene surroundings. For those who have just retired from the workforce and are looking for a much-needed vacation, these hotspots are worth noting.

Historical Charleston, South Carolina 

Vacations for elderly don’t have to take you out of the country just yet since there are plenty of stunning locations in America that are worth exploring. For elders who are history buffs, a trip to Charleston, South Carolina is a great idea as it is steeped in history from both the American Revolution and the Civil War. There are several tour services where you can ride boats or even horse-drawn carriages that will give you a glimpse of the old days.

Stunning Beaches In Florida 

For senior travelers who are craving for warmth, beaches in Florida should be in your bucket list. There are plenty of retirees who enjoy the pristine waters and stunning beaches here, especially in Miami. Aside from the beaches, there are museums, botanical gardens, as well as shopping districts to indulge in. Don’t forget to sample the cuisine here as well if this is your first time visiting the region.

Rock Formations In Sedona

If you want to go on hikes on your vacation, the rocky landscape of Sedona in Arizona is worth heading out to. The rocky formations in the area change their hues depending on the time of day, making them picturesque. The mild climate helps make outdoor activities more bearable even for the elderly. And after a day outdoors, you can opt for a relaxing spa to complete your trip.

As a retiree, you don’t have to spend your days locked inside your home. Since you no longer need to file for work leave and with the savings you’ve put aside, you can indulge in that vacation you’ve always wanted. These vacation hotspots are worth considering if you are looking for your next adventure.

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