Australia – home to some of the coolest corporate team building locations

by Julia on December 12, 2019

Australia has a lot to offer the overseas visitor but have you ever thought about taking your work team there?  Read on to find out more.

Team building: two words that often drive a wedge of fear through the hearts of your team. This is generally because team building activities often seem designed to push people’s comfort zones and effectively force them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

However, that’s not actually the point of corporate team building. The intent is to create an environment where your team needs to rely on each other, this will help them to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and create a bond.

Research shows that a bonded team is more productive and will have higher morale, which means better staff retention.

To achieve this you simply need to choose some of the coolest corporate team building locations in Australia.

The Great Race

Racing together may not seem like the best idea if you have a team of mixed ages and fitness. But, the aim of this is not to be the fastest team around the course, it’s to be the best, most effective team. That means each team member helps others to improve and be the best they can be.

In fact, these types of corporate team building activities will quickly create a bond between your team that’s difficult to break. Even the most reluctant members will find they enjoy joining in.


Graffiti is one of those things that most people want to try but most people don’t admit to having tried. Fortunately, you can resolve this while creating a great team bonding experience.

The good news is that you can do official venues that have been designated for graffiti, so you’re actually helping the local community while improving the bond between your team.

Some of the most popular places for this are Sydney and Melbourne.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to build a bond between people. They’re a lot of fun and allow everyone to show off their skills. The aim is simply to solve clues in order to get to the treasure first. You’ll need to split your team into smaller teams or find another team willing to go up against yours.

You’ll find them across the country.

Escape Room

This is actually a similar concept to the treasure hunt but the difference is that you’re trapped in a room and need to solve the clues and riddles in order to find the key and get out of the room. There is normally a time limit to make it more challenging.

Master Chef

Thanks to all the reality television show you’ll find an abundance of Master Chef style changes across the country. Simply sign up your team and they’ll have a set time in which to produce specific dishes. Of course, they’ll be taught what they need to know. In the end, the taste test is also fun and there are even professional judges to make the event seem authentic.

This is just a few of the corporate team building possibilities, just take a look at what’s on offer near you and make sure it will challenge all of your team, then you’ll have successful team building.

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