Traveling With CBD? A Few Tips To Stay Safe and Within the Law

by Julia on December 3, 2019


The United States government is gradually relaxing its law concerning CBD and in many other countries it is now perfectly safe and legal. This is due mainly to many kinds of research and studies leading to an increased awareness regarding the health benefits of CBD.

Presently, you can enjoy anything from CBD oil to capsules, CBD cookies, gummies and skincare products. People are still nervous about travelling with CBD as the law has many grey areas in different countries or even in different states within the USA. If you are planning to carry CBD during your next trip, our safety tips will come in handy.

Hemp-derived CBD vs. Marijuana-derived CBD

Hemp and marijuana are both types of cannabis plants. These plants are distinct in their chemical composition and thus are classified differently by the FDA. The federal government considers marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug due to the ‘stoning effect’ it delivers. It may contain up to 30% THC which is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. Thus in marijuana-derived CBD, the traces of THC will be much higher than the permitted level.

Hemp-derived CBD, however, contains only 0.3% THC or less and thus does not cause any euphoric effects in users. Instead, it renders more medicinal properties that provide relief from pain, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.

Travelling with CBD – Rules and Regulations

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) up until recently considered possession of any cannabis products, including CBD as illegal. In May 2019, they updated their official policy stating that the passengers are allowed to carry cannabis-infused products with no more than 0.3% THC and which are approved by the FDA.

This update by TSA is in accordance with the federal law. Very recently, the FDA approved the first CBD drug for treating seizures. The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 legalized the cultivation of hemp and reclassified it as an agricultural commodity.

Based on this policy update, we can say for sure that CBD oil extracted from hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC is allowed on flights. You can carry CBD oil both in checked and carry-on luggage. But if the authorities grew suspicious during a security screening, an officer will investigate your belongings for clarification.

Tips to stay safe while travelling with CBD

These policy updates get the travelers excited about travelling with their favorite CBD oil or gummies.

Before you do that, here are some helpful tips from cannabisradar to get you prepared.

  1. Understand the CBD laws in the place you are travelling to:

Whether you are travelling domestically within the US or to another country, it is vital to research the CBD laws at your destination. Reviewing these laws will give a more precise understanding of whether it is safe to travel with CBD products or not.

  1. Always carry your CBD product’s COA:

Before purchasing a CBD product, it is a best practice to read the ingredients and the Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure that it contains less than 0.3% THC and is a licensed product. You can either take a copy of the certificate or download it from the manufacturer’s website while travelling. You can produce the COA if and when any TSA officer questions you about the CBD product you are carrying.

  1. Buy only the travel-size packs:

To make your travel hassle free, always purchase travel-size packs of CBD products. Less than 3.4 oz pack of CBD oil or lotions would be the right option. TSA has also outlined strict regulations when it comes to travelling with any kind of liquids which are prone to spill. CBD gummies, capsules and other dry products are good alternatives to avoid spills.

  1. Consider buying CBD products at the destination:

Many of the manufacturers supply their CBD products to different states in the US and even internationally. Research if your preferred CBD products or their equivalent are available at your travel destination. In case they are, it is a smart option not to carry any CBD products while travelling and purchase them once you land.

  1. Altogether avoid carrying CBD products during international travel:

Legalities regarding hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD are quite precarious in several parts of the world. Due to these laws, you might be subjected to severe criminal punishments even if you are carrying CBD products which are legal in the US. Thus, it is advised that one should avoid carrying CBD in any form during their international travel.

For your safety and peace of mind, you must educate yourself about CBD rules and regulations. Based on this understanding, you can make a wise choice of whether to travel with CBD or not.

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