Turning a dream into a reality: 5 ways to fund your backpacking vision

by Julia on November 29, 2019

When you have the travel bug, it really is a force to be reckoned with. Planning your backpacking trip can take months of careful organisation, which can be pretty frustrating for those desperate to hit the road and to see what the world has to offer. One part of your planning that you shouldn’t rush, however, is the financial side of things. You may be in awe or inspired by travel bloggers who seem to travel the world on a shoestring, however if you’re inexperienced then taking the financial side of things seriously is a must.

Backpacking can be expensive, with travel to consider, accommodation, money for activities, food and emergencies, you might need more than you think. So, with this in mind I’ve listed my top 5 ways you can fund your backpacking vision. Good luck!

Get the help you may be entitled to

Did you know that potentially thousands of us aren’t in receipt of the benefits we’re entitled to? Perhaps your household is on a low income, you have a disability or have recently left the military – for a guide on how to increase your disability rating take a look at this website – whatever your circumstances may be, you could be entitled to benefits and other means of support. The additional financial support you receive could help give you a little more breathing room when it comes to saving for your trip, so look into it as soon as possible.

Sell your stuff

Do you tend to hoard things and not get rid of them? Buy new clothes but never actually wear them? If your home is filled with items that you no longer use or enjoy then it’s time to cut the cord and sell them! Selling items such as clothes, shoes, bags, electrical items, even your car (you’re not going to need it whilst you’re backpacking across Thailand) could massively boost your savings fund. Try eBay, depop or Facebook marketplace, write some simple listings, take decent photographs and watch the sales roll in. Not only will you have more money for you trip, but you’ll probably feel much better after a good clear out.

Cut those vices

Whether it’s a coffee on the way to work, smoking or a couple of bottles of wine a week, vices are expensive, and they have the potential to derail your saving plans. You don’t have to strip away your enjoyment completely, just reduce the amount you’re using/spending so you can see the difference in your savings pot.

Make more money

You might already be stretched at work and taking on more hours. However, there are still other ways you can make money – from the comfort of your own home! From freelance writing, to blogging, even selling baked goods. There are hundreds of ways you can make a little extra money from home!

Set up a savings account

It sounds obvious, but it’s how you use your savings account that will make the difference! Work out how much you’ll have after your monthly bills, set some aside for fun and emergencies and whatever is left have it go into your savings account automatically each month!

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