Foolproof Tips for the Solo Traveler

by Julia on November 4, 2019

In this world of confined spaces, mundane tasks, and boring routine, escaping the norms and being able to break free from the reins of chaos and stress is a luxury one should always find time to experience. Travelling has been a therapeutic means of discovering new people, new places and unique culture that replenishes people from the draining toxicity of the ordinary. Although traveling can sometimes be an expensive endeavor, it is a lifestyle choice that makes you experience once-in-a-lifetime moments that you can cherish forever.

Traveling all by yourself is, by far, the most liberating and eye-opening decision you’ll ever make. So, if you have your doubts booking air tickets for a dream destination, don’t. This article will help you navigate through your experience of being a solo traveler with tested, proven and foolproof tips.

Look for accommodations with numerous positive reviews

Traveling alone to an unfamiliar place can make you feel vulnerable and unsafe. Since your accommodation is a place for relaxation after a day of limitless discovery, it needs to be a place of warmth and safety. Before booking a hotel or any accommodation, make sure to read user reviews to assess if the place is suitable for your needs. Look for helpful service features such as a Toronto airport limousine service if you’re traveling to Canada and book one if you need it.

Wi-Fi is essential for solo travelers

To save on your data charges, look for accommodation that offers free Wi-Fi. Depending on where you choose to travel, there might be unexpected cases of rain and changes in your itinerary that will force you to stay in your room. Without Wi-Fi, you might be bored with the local TV channels, and you’ll have no idea what to do with your spare time. Plus, Wi-Fi is essential when letting people know, especially your friends and family, of your whereabouts and where you plan to go next.

Meet other solo travelers

There’s something about solo travel that makes you push the boundaries of your comfort zone. During this time, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know a fellow solo traveler and learn about where they come from. Also, you can obtain insightful travel tips from them that conventional guidebooks wouldn’t mention, like the secret restaurant that only appears on a specific street at a given time. Regardless, be cautious when talking to strangers, no matter how friendly they may seem.

Enjoy a local meal

The most significant way of knowing one’s culture is through the taste of their food. Don’t let your shyness of being alone stop you from indulging in a bite of the local meals and street food items. You should savor each with comfort and relaxation. You can also take the time to plan your day’s activity, evaluate your life and your goals, or relax into the sweet nothingness of your solo traveling experience.

Cross items off of your bucket list

Let’s admit it. There are things that you cannot achieve when you travel with friends and family. For example, instead of lounging at the museum and discovering the most magnificent architectural feats of the area, you’re forced to visit a tourist spot that doesn’t interest you as much. Consider your time alone as an opportunity to accomplish things you wouldn’t normally do with friends or family around.

Learn the locals’ language and etiquette

Before mingling with the locals, it’s good to learn the basic language for conversation starters and their dos and don’ts of interactions. Since you are dealing with a different culture, it would be respectful to take the time to research their ways to avoid confusion.

The world is a huge place of amazing discoveries and unique cultural experiences. If traveling to another country is not a feasible option for you, you can always take a drive to the nearest park and unwind.

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