Cruise Ships: Incredible Tips For A Safer Vacation

by Julia on November 1, 2019

Are you planning a cruise vacation with your family or going solo? Great choice. Cruises are considered one of the safest options of travel with a major of cruises passing without major incidents. In fact, an average of 10 million Americans enjoy a cruise vacation every year, making it one of the most favorite mode of travel.

However, unlike other travel ports, with a cruise, you are stuck on board and with that, comes a strong need for safety. Major cruise lines have reported and voluntarily published a list of major crimes that took place while on a ship. Therefore, rises an increasing need to tighten the need to stay safe at a cruise port and avoid major incidents. Whilst the cruise sector is being vigilant and upping their security levels by proposing a Cruise Passenger Protection Act, it is important as a passenger too, to look out for yourself. We have gathered a few tips for you, to make your travel on board as smooth as the calm sea.

Check the ship sanitation card

First things first, if you are traveling with kids who are bound to fall sick quicker than you say Ahoy, ensure to check the sanitation levels of the ship you plan to cruise with. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have the best reports on ship sanitization records through their Vessel Sanitation Program. As an authoritative body, they routinely check ships for water quality, food prep, hygiene, pest management, repair and many other things that contribute to vessel quality standards.

Check for reviews and latest news online

As part of your planning, ensure that you browse through available resources to know what is best in terms of budget, duration, and comfort. Before you zero into the cruise of choice, it may be worth checking for the latest cruise ship news and passenger reviews. Reviews from actual tourists can help you immensely as it would give you the ground reality of a cruise. Online news portals help you in understanding the current scene such as weather, legal conflicts, limitations, etc.

Drink responsibly

Now that you are aboard and your vacation has officially started, you may be tempted with the booze overflowing on the ship. Alcohol is one of the major contributing factors to safety incidents onboard. Space out consumption of alcohol and ensure not to accept drinks from strangers.

Pal up

Going solo on a sea quest? Find someone on board who’s on a similar trip as yours. This way, he/she can always have your back and ensure to look out for you. Do not advertise that you are traveling solo, this may sound an attractive package to unexpected predators.

Practice safety in the cabin and on balconies

Play it safe always. Do not lean against balconies and most importantly, lock doors at all times.  While you may be tempted to recreate a Titanic scene on a carnival cruise- please don’t. Cabin doors do not shut by themselves so ensure to secure them till you hear a click. Sliding doors can be dangerous when you have kids around. Ensure that you are with kids whenever they move in and out of the cabin.

Make the steward your best friend

Engage in a rapport with the steward so he can look out for your room in case someone is trying to enter. Ask his or her name so you know whom to go to if you need help.

It is always better to cruise smarter, so make sure that you are aware of the general safety rules and stay alert!

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