What to do if you get injured in New York

by Julia on October 23, 2019

New York is a fantastic place. So, much so that, every year, 62 million people visit. Most of them have the vacation of a lifetime. But, every now and again, things go wrong. They happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up having an accident. Fortunately, most people suffer only minor injuries.

But, a few don’t and end up having to employ the services of a Long Island injury attorney to help them to secure compensation. However, people who suffer an injury in New York need to do a few other things too, before they get to that stage.

Buy proper travel insurance

The first thing is actually something that every visitor to New York should do before they leave home. That is to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Provided they do, getting medical treatment will go smoothly. The hospital or other facilities they are admitted to will be reassured that the initial cost of treatment will be paid in full. So, getting admitted and treated will not be difficult.

Most travel insurance companies include access to a 24-hour helpline as part of the policy. That means that support is only a phone call away. This invaluable service really helps to take the stress out of the situation. Having guidance at this time can also help with any claim that you make.

What to do at the scene of a traffic accident

If you are injured in a vehicle accident, the police should be called. It is the law. They will attend the scene and take witness statements. If you can do so make a note of the officer’s name and badge number.

Provided your injuries are not too severe and an ambulance is not called you can just double-check that important details have been taken. That includes the details of everyone who was involved in or saw the accident.

Again, if you are in a fit condition to do so, take some photos. It is helpful to draw a diagram of the accident scene. You must report the accident to your vehicle insurance company. There are strict time limits, which you must adhere to. This article tells you about them. With vehicle accidents that take place in New Your, you also need to file an accident report with the DMV.

What to do after a non-traffic related incident

If your injuries occurred as a result of a non-traffic-related incident, things are a bit different. In that situation, the police may not always be called. So, you will need to do your best to gather the evidence yourself. Provided, of course, your injuries allow you to do this. If they do not you may be able to return and gather evidence later. Again, your lawyer will be able to advise you about doing this or will be able to take over this part of the process.

Do not take the blame

If you think you may be partially responsible for the accident, regardless of what type it is, do not say so. At least not at this stage, leave it up to your lawyer to decide what type of information to volunteer.

Provided you do the above and get the help of a good lawyer, it should not take you long to get everything sorted out. That includes securing compensation for your injuries.

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