Ultimate Packing Checklist 2019

by Julia on October 22, 2019

If you travel a lot, you have probably encountered different packing mishap. Maybe you forgot to pack a swimsuit that hides your bulging tummy or that black dress for a dinner date. Regardless of whether this is your first travel or you are peripatetic, this is the ultimate packing checklist that will ensure you never forget anything essential in 2019.

 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Headphones, especially those with a noise cancellation technology, are a lifesaver for those long trips. Imagine you have to travel for more than 6 hours and the person sitting next to you is in no mood to chat. Maybe you want to block out all the outside zone and listen to your favorite podcast. Well, that is where noise cancellation headphones come in. You can even get those with a foldable design as they take less space.

Packing Cubes

Most suitcases barely have several compartments. This means that for you to reach something that’s at the bottom you have to rummage through all your stuff. For a neat freak, this can be frustrating. With packing cubes, you find items more quickly, save space and remain organized. What’s great about these cubes is that they help you compartmentalize whichever suitcase or travelling bag you have.

For instance, you can assign one cube for dinner outfits, another for swimwear and a smaller one for your electronic accessories. After reaching your destination very tired, you will still have easy access to each item.

The trick is to know what to look for in cubes.

  • Durable pack cubes have solid stitching, quality zips and strong fabric.
  • Opting for different colors and sizes can help you identify the packed item you want faster. You can also get a design with a mesh top material for easy identification and breathability.
  • If you are travelling bag is not waterproof, then get packing cubes that will protect your items from getting wet.

 Language Translator Device

Imagine you have travelled for a much-needed vacation to your dream country only to find that you barely understand the language of the locals. That’s where a language translator device comes in. For example, if you are travelling to Ankara or Istanbul, and want to translate Turkish to English, then you will need a portable translator device.

While it is easier to download an app, sometimes you can find that it does not support the language you want. The chances of learning a foreign language within a short time are low, so it is best to arm yourself with a translator device that supports artificial speech translation, 24/7 human interpreter or a live interpreter service.

For travelling, a translation gadget or device is better than an app because of the following top reasons:

  • Well-designed translation devices offer real-time translation and tend to do a better job than a mobile phone app.
  • For an app, you will need to unlock your phone and set up a specific language. A physical device gives you simplicity as it is easy to set up and offers smooth conversation.
  • Most of us use our mobile gadgets for almost everything, which means that your battery is likely to run down. What if your phone battery is empty at the exact moment when you need a translation? With a separate gadget for translation, you can worry less about your phone running out of charge.

Over the Counter Medication

While you are less likely to forget essential items such as clothes, toiletries, prescription medication and other personal items when it comes to over the counter drugs most people never carry enough to last them the whole trip. Make sure that the medication, be it pills, injections or liquids is clearly labelled and to be on the safe side, carry proof of prescription or a doctor’s note.

Remember, keep injectable and liquids in a leak-proof container and confirm beforehand that it is legal to take the medications to that specific country as rules vary from one place to another. For longer trips, plan and get enough medication to last you throughout your stay in that foreign country. Besides, you can also consider alternatives medication.

The process of packing when travelling, whether for a few days or longer vacations does not need to result in headaches. It is ideal to always include the listed above items in your packing checklist as it ensures you never leave behind any necessary stuff.

Remember, you can easily adjust this packing list to meet your needs. So carry your best camera with enough memory size to fit all the good memories you will want never to forget and enjoy your vacation.

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