Drinking Beer in Munich

by Julia on October 4, 2019

While travelling to Munich, many people get excited by the locally brewed beer of Germany that’s a classic around the world. No one does it like the Bavarian state. You need to know your way around the city if you really want to be able to enjoy beer at the famous spots. There are bars, pubs and gardens which offer you the chance to really take in your surroundings and have a chill time with your friends and family.

Here are some places where you will find excellent beer that you will remember forever:

  • Hotel Erb

If you are travelling to Munich, the 4 Sterne Hotel München Ost is a brilliant spot to have a delightful glass of cold beer. Whether you are staying in Hotel Erb or joining it as a visitor, you will be welcomed warmly on the garden and terrace seating for beer. Both of the spots serve soothing and charismatic effects while you chug down the fresh and chilling glass of beer.

The farmer’s market of Munich, Viktualienmarket, is located near most of the Kurzurlaub München so you will have easy access to the beer garden there. The vendors bring refreshing brews which are either homemade or the popular Hacker-Pschorr and Augustiner can be acquired. While you are there, you can have artisan snacks to enjoy with your beer such as cheese, truffles and olives.

  • Hofbräuhaus

Located approximately 25 minutes from the 4 Sterne Hotel München Ost is the Hofbrauhaus which is one of the most popular beer hubs around the world. This cellar for beer was built centuries ago and re-built in the 20th century making up for a great architectural setting to have a beer. If you are in the mood to experience the best of Munich while catching up on a short break from other activities, you should definitely check it out.

  • Tap-House

If you are exploring the Rosenheimer Street, check out the European collection of 200 craft beers. This cellar features beers from not only Germany but Italy and France too. If you are in the mood to try more than what is offered at the Kurzurlaub München, Tap-House would be an ideal choice. It is the heart warming ambience, rustic interior and wicker accents which make Tap-House a favorite among locals and visitors.

Something Else to Try

If you are not a fan of the beer, or you have tired your capacity to beer and seek something new, try out the Rosis Bar in the 4 Sterne Hotel München Ost. If you are craving a selection of fine wines, you will find Italian, Austrian and French collection at the Rosis Bar.

Munich is a city full of opportunities to not only indulge in beer but also other selections from around Europe. You can cross some off your bucket list while you are staying at 4 Sterne Hotel München Ost. There is a lot offered by the hotel that you are staying in so even if you can’t move around a lot, you will still be able to try new things.

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