The Travel Guide: Top 16 Items You Will Need While Traveling To China!

by Julia on September 10, 2019

Often people visit China on account of business dealings or business meetings. If you are going to China for any business dealing, then you must make sure that you give a good impression and for that, all you need is good attire and branded accessories. Do you think that’s all? Not exactly, there are also many things you need to take care of, so here is a list of few things, just for you, so that you can travel peacefully in China.

  • Hand Sanitizer

As you will be going to shake hands with a bunch of people, you must keep your hands clean, so try to carry an alcohol-based sanitizer with you. As soaps are really difficult to find in public restrooms, to avoid any sort of difficulty, do follow this tip.

  • Earplugs

Are you one of the people who get into very much trouble due to jet lags and try to sleep while traveling to the workplace? Then you must carry an earplug with you because of the noisy construction and the traffic, which might bother you while you are sleeping.

  • Sunglasses

UV protected sunglasses are very crucial when traveling to China because, in the daytime, the sun rays are very dangerous, it can cause harm to our naked eyes.

  • SIM Cards

If your stay in China is approximately for a month or two, you need to buy a SIM card as soon as possible. Your important contacts, local calls, and for other various reasons, a SIM card is required. You can get one easily from any local newsstand, convenience stores, and from an airport too.

  • Medications

If you are expected to get sick in China, thanks to the polluted air and germs all around you, you need to carry a few items to prevent getting sick. First of all, you will notice people wearing surgical face masks, to prevent dust from getting in their mouth or nose. You also might need one, as the environment will be changed over there. You could also carry a few medications according to doctor’s prescription, but avoid carrying too much of them.

  • The post-weather forecasts

Your packing will depend on the time of the year you are traveling in, either winter or summer. Though you are traveling for business, you will go and see the Great Wall of China. Check the weather forecasts earlier only so that you can pack accordingly.

  • Footwear

Whether you travel in monsoon or either in summer, at least once you will encounter some sort of construction work on your way. To avoid the rugged surface, carry comfortable footwear or sports shoes, some people even wear hiking shoes, which is not a bad idea.

  • Say no to excessive clothing

If you are going for a business meeting, carry two suits at maximum, the laundry service in China’s hotels are really quick, and also really cheap. You can also carry some detergent packets and wash them on your own. If there’s a sudden change in plans, then China’s markets are open for you because shopping in China is a must.

  • Dryer issues

As you can wash your clothes quickly, but simultaneously you also do not get dryers easily available. Try to pack those clothing items which dry out quickly or all you need to do is to wait for your clothes to dry.

  • Guide books

You are going to need a guide book that provides maps with places written in Chinese characters. Directions are the most tiring thing to ask from the local people, but if you have a map with places names written in Chinese, people will understand easily and will show you where to go. These types of guide books are easily available on the internet, and you can also find one in a business travel agency too.

  • Business cards

As you are going to meet a lot of people, do not forget to hand-out business cards. If some people give you their business card, it means they are expecting a one from you too. You also need to remember, when giving a business card, give it with both of your hands, it is rendered as a sign of respect.

  • Mini-flashlight

Power failures can happen suddenly, which might cause complete black-out. If you encounter a power failure, you will find yourself in a completely black room, and at that time, a mini-flashlight will look like a blessing to you.

  • Energy bars

For many people, Chinese food is very delightful, but for some, it is not too savory. As you are going for a business dealing, the company might take you to a Chinese restaurant, if you don’t like the food, do not worry at all, have an energy bar or an oatmeal packet, which is easily available in the local market.

  • Clean straws

When traveling over a long distance, a few straws act as a blessing to us. Though train journeys are very relaxing, at the same time you also feel very hungry, and all that is served on the train is juice or teas or coffees. So it is better to stay hygienic and use a straw.

  • Central Heating

If you are expecting centrally-heated apartments, do not get fooled until and unless you are going to stay at a pre-booked and a five-star hotel. Traveling in winter to China becomes a nuisance for many people as they have don’t get a centrally-heated apartment, then they either sleep with a warm water bottle or carry thick pajamas. Be prepared for any type of situation.

  • Umbrella

Add an umbrella to your packing list immediately, as it can rain heavily in China without a warning. If you are lucky enough, you might not need an umbrella but if you are not then you have to waste your money on buying an umbrella which you didn’t pack because of rendering it as a useless item.

Enjoy your stay in China while following these incredibly helpful and amazing tips.

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