Switzerland Travel Guide: Cost, Activities, Food and More

by Julia on September 4, 2019

Switzerland may be a small country but that doesn’t mean it has little to offer – quite the opposite. This country has breathtaking landscapes, the majestic Swiss Alps, splendid waterfalls and is home to one of the most sophisticated public transportation systems in the world.

This guide prepares you for that near-future Switzerland visit. From food, things to see and do, to where to sleep – we’ve got it all covered for you.

Best time to visit

Depending on your preferred activities, you can visit Switzerland in any (or all!) of the three major seasons:

  • Low season (October to March) – In half of this season, most resorts are not open and tourist sites are open for short periods of the day. Prices are about the price of high season slashed in two.

  • Mid-Season (April to June and September) – the weather is more friendly and facilities and tourism host spots are open longer. Prices are still pocket-friendly than during the high season.

  • High season (July, August & December to April) – Tourism activities and public facilities are in full swing.


Switzerland as a tourism destination is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s totally worth it. To spend less but see more in Switzerland, opt for budget-friendly options like staying at hostels, cooking your own meals and using public transport when you can’t avoid it. Budget hotels or dorms are the most affordable, while luxury hotels are at the high end of the spectrum with as much as $350 per night.

Cooking yourself lunch will cost you a maximum range of $25, gourmet restaurants will set you back $50 and more, while regular restaurants cost a price in between. City buses cost from about $2 to $5 while trains cost from around $20 to $50.

What Should You Carry?

Switzerland is a fairly temperate-weather country. If you’re visiting in winter though, invest in some warm, snug-fitting clothes and some sturdy boots.

What to Eat in Switzerland

Being a melting point of culture, Switzerland has a mélange of incredible dishes. From Swiss Fondue to Raclette to Tartiflette to Bern-Style leckerlis, every meal is a finger-licking feast.

What to Do and See in Switzerland

There is so much to do in Switzerland, it can be daunting to narrow it down to the best places to visit. Luckily, we have covered for you the best places to see and the best activities to partake in during your stay.

Discover Bern

From architecture that harks to the 12th century to hallowed, ancient churches to beer gardens to heraldic bears, this city will be a hit.

Check Out Rhine Falls

For Europe’s largest waterfalls, check no further than Switzerland.

Go Wild at Interlaken

This adventure zone in Switzerland gives you an exhilarating adventure like nowhere else. Whether it’s paragliding, skydiving, swimming, or canoeing, there’s no end to fun activities. Also, ride Europe’s highest highway, admire lakes, and take in Interlaken’s magical beauty from a hot air balloon.

Explore Zurich

Sail on the picturesque Lake Zurich, visit the Old Town, visit the iconic Great Church and more in Switzerland’s largest city.

Awe at the Mountains

The famous Swiss Alps are teeming with endless fun possibilities. Think snowboarding, trekking, skiing, and the incredible views from the top of any of the mountains.

Where to Stay In Switzerland

There’s a broad variety of accommodation to choose from, depending on your budget. These are private hostel rooms, modest hotels, high-end hotels, Airbnb, and guesthouses.

Read More on Switzerland:

Interested in knowing more about Switzerland? We recommend these two incredible books.

  • Slow Train to Switzerland: One Tour, Two Trips, 150 years and a World of Change – Author Diccon Bewes follows the trail of an English lady who explored Switzerland 150 years ago. It’s a fascinating tale of a journey of the same path, two different eyes, in a century and a half apart.

  • Rick Steves Switzerland: No book describes Switzerland more intimately than this book. Want to make the best out of your trip? Then discover hidden gems, connect with the Swiss, go on self-guided walking tours, know everything about Switzerland’s cities through this wonderful, easy-to-read book.

With this detailed guide about everything Switzerland, you’re sure to make the most out of your time in this charming country. Visit this website and discover why Switzerland should be your next stop.

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