Games to play whilst you wait in the airport

by Julia on September 3, 2019

Often, when you’re travelling around, you can find yourself spending a lot of time in the departure lounge waiting for information on when we can board our plane. We all know how boring waiting for your flight can be and we all need a little bit of entertainment to keep us going and motivated. We’ve compiled our list of some of the best games you can play whilst you’re waiting in the airport.

Test the family with a typing game

You’ll need internet for this one but there’s a great Typing Game by Fenetic Wellbeing that can keep you and the family entertained and give you a bit of competition. You essentially get 60 seconds to type as many words as you can from one of ten categories, including cities from around the world. Who knows, you may even find where you’re going! It’s a great way to get a bit of competition going to see who can get the best score.

The Classics

There are some classic games you can play to cure your boredom. Things like rock, paper, scissors will make the time fly. You can also bring a pack of cards if there’s enough space and enough people to play. Grab yourself a crossword book from one the shops in the airport and give yourself a challenge to see how many you can complete before you board your plane.

Grab your smart phone

There’s loads of cool games you can play offline on your smart phone that will provide you with hours of entertainment. One of the most popular games is “Candy Crush” that you’ll find yourself getting addicted to with ease. You can even download classic games like “Snake” and “Space Invaders” that will take you pack to the early days of the smart phone.

Games not your thing?

There are loads of other things you can do whilst you wait. Head to duty free and browse everything that’s on offer, you can often find some real bargains but don’t forget your boarding pass! You can always sit and read a book, you’ll find that reading a book you simply can’t put down will pass loads of time. You can also just people watch, the great thing with airports is there’s so much going on, you’ll feel like you’re watching a TV programme live in front of your eyes.

If you do any one of these thing you’ll find your boredom cured in no time!

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