How to Travel in Style (and Avoid Looking Like a Tourist)

by Julia on September 2, 2019

There’s no doubting the fact that vacations provide some of the most magical moments in our lives. However, if you truly wish to feel as good as you possibly can while you’re away, it’s vital that you look the part too. For the very best results, you need to travel in style but not make it too obvious that you’re a tourist.

Strike the right balance, and you’ll see significant improvements to your self-confidence and happiness levels throughout the holiday. Here are five simple steps to master the challenge.

#1. Know what’s appropriate

There’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd, as long as you do it in the right style. However, it’s imperative that you respect the traditions of the locals too. Otherwise, it’ll be obvious that you’re from out of town.

Use the following questions for guidance, and you won’t go far wrong:

  • What type of footwear do people wear due to the climate and terrain?

  • Do the locals dress in a conservative fashion?

  • Are any specific fashion pieces worn regularly by locals?

Ultimately, walking around the streets of Dubai in an unmodest and skimpy outfit will tell everyone that you are a tourist. Moreover, it won’t look very stylish, even if the outfits would look amazing back home and that especially true if you traveling solo for the first time.

#2. Shop high-end

We’re all accustomed to the idea of buying cheap and cheerful product for our holidays. After all, this allows you to worry less about damage in transit or during the trip. Still, those cheap items will be a telltale sign that you’re not a local – especially when visiting stylish, luxury destinations.

Opting for quality brands like Karl Lagerfeld that specialize in holiday clothes and accessories is highly advised. Furthermore, you should always look to invest in good quality materials. Twitching and readjusting your clothes on a frequent basis will give the game away.

High-end clothes don’t have to break the bank. Besides, we all enjoy having classy outfits in our wardrobes. Given that holidays provide the best moments in our lives, it’s only logical that you should combine these two things in order to improve both.

#3. Choose the right type of bag

As a tourist, you cannot escape the fact that you’ll need to take a bag out with you. This will hold your camera, purse, and other valuables. Still, wearing a big and bulky backpack may as well be accompanied by a sign saying “I’m a tourist”.

Other bags that could be used to help you blend in with the locals include:

  • A crossbody bag for day trips.

  • A simple clutch bag for the evening meals.

  • A satchel for a group trip.

  • A bucket bag for shopping excursions.

  • A tote bag for the beach.

Of course, there are several activities that will require a backpack, such as trekking days. Nonetheless, your accessories require as much attention as your outfits. The selection of bags is an important platform to build upon, but it’s not the only feature.

#4. Pack the accessories you need

We all need a little support in our bids to unlock our best look and will use a variety of creams and serums to make it happen. It can be tempting to leave this job until you arrive at your destination, especially as airport security don’t like you packing items in hand luggage while baggage handlers often cause damage. Don’t.

Whether it’s you’re trusty Neutrogena Hydro Boost or another product, you know what your skin responds well too. In truth, sticking to those tried and tested products, as well as makeup, is crucial. Without those items, you could easily be left walking the city with blotchy skin and other telltale signs that you aren’t using your normal skincare routine.

Twitching and readjusting your clothes on a frequent basis will give the game away. Don’t forget to check out this list of colognes here to make yourself smell nice as well as look nice too!

Aside from affecting your look and inconspicuousness, you’ll find that confidence levels are significantly reduced as a direct result too.

#5. Start your tan (or at least be prepared)

No amount of great makeup or outfit preparation will disguise the fact that you’re a tourist if you walk around with unappealing tan lines and red patches. Doing all you can to prevent this situation is essential.

There are several ways to do this including:

  • Hit the sunbed or use tanning lotions before you leave.

  • Use the right level of sunblock and after-sun care.

  • Be sure to spend some time in the shade too.

Do these things, and you’ll continue to look the part while also avoiding the danger of being left trapped in the hotel room nursing a burn. Now that will cramp your style.

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