Tickets, passport, cash: the other essentials you can organise before your trip

by Julia on August 29, 2019

To travel is to live and there are few things than can bring you the buzz like travelling. It’s an exciting opportunity to unwind, embrace new cultures, explore new places, meet new people and tick things off your bucket list. You can do it alone while you find yourself or share those amazing experiences with a loved one. However, there are some essentials, aside from the obvious that you’re able to organise before your trip. This helps to simplify your journey.

Medical – better to be safe than sorry!

If you’re going away for an extended period, be sure to check-in with your doctor and update any relevant insurance policies accordingly. It may be that some of the locations you’re planning to travel to require vaccinations so do your research and get any vaccinations in good time. You should also renew any essential prescriptions and take enough with you.

When booking travel insurance, check with your provider that emergencies are included and add extra coverage where needed. As well making sure you’re covered for accidents within your travel insurance policy, make sure that you’re also covered for any cancellations, delays and lost baggage!

Detailed itinerary

This may seem a little utilitarian but having an itinerary will ensure that your trip runs smoothly, all of your flights and transfers connect and you always have a hotel booked. It will also allow you to roughly allocate activities to set days so that you don’t miss anything out – you would hate to travel all that way and have to miss out due to poor planning, so don’t let it happen.

Moreover, having a convenient way to get your hotel is vital for your holiday and you can do this through Airport Taxi Transfers. A transfer will also help to save time and ensure that your trip gets underway faster.

Invest in guidebooks

Guidebooks will generally include maps of the local area, and any important sites that you’re likely to visit – it also means you won’t need to purchase anything once you’re there. It will also prevent your phone from eating your data as you won’t need to turn to Google Maps as much. And with data in mind, download any apps before you travel as downloading charges whilst you’re not connected to wi-fi can seriously damage your pocket.

Buy a phrasebook

As well as a guidebook, order a phrasebook. The locals will seriously appreciate the effort, regardless of how good or how poor you think your pronunciation is. This will inform you of the basics, i.e. directions, ordering a meal, catching a taxi…it really can make your trip far easier and even save you from a missing a flight or getting lost.

Pack wisely

You more than likely have a list of everything you need to pack into your suitcase (if not, you should) but what about your carry-on bag? It’s often a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes in here just in case your flight is delayed, your baggage goes missing or you spill something down you. You’ll be forever grateful to yourself for having something else to wear.

You should also pack snacks, of course. Travelling to a new country is fun but long journeys aren’t. Ordering food in a foreign country can also prove tiresome – snacks will tide you over until you find the perfect restaurant for you.

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