Best Beach Holiday Destinations in Europe

by Julia on August 28, 2019

If the holiday mood has kicked in, you might be thinking of your next beach destination in Europe. As with any other tourist, you will probably be looking out for some hidden gems, or beautiful, romantic, and better-known spots. On this front, you will hardly run short of options. In any case, Europe is not about to have a shortage of exquisite beaches. However, the simple truth is that some beaches that are more beautiful than others. Some will lend you the rare opportunity to marvel under the fresh air of pine trees while others will afford you the luxury of a romantic break. Whichever option fits your bill, you need to sample the best beaches that will give you value for money. After all, you intend to make the most out of this summer break. Enough said. Time to explore some of the best beaches that Europe has to offer.

Faro Island

Located in Sweden, this summer destination is popular among the Swedes. Hopping into a Ferry is the only feasible option you can use to reach the beach. Many describe it as a place that is more or less another world. At every turn you take, Sweden boasts of some of the world’s unique landscapes. Nevertheless, Faro stands out.  Going by its rocky formations, this beach is eerily picturesque, not to mention that it is made of limestone.

Navagio Beach

Many people like to call it the Shipwreck Beach. If you don’t know, the center of this breathtaking beach is a burial site of an ancient freighter. One can hardly think of another location in Greece that is probably home to the most magnificent stretch of sand. Its isolation only makes it possible for you to access it by boat. If you want to appreciate its beauty, perhaps you should do so while in the viewing platform.

Praia da Marinha

This beach is famous for its clean, calm water and stunning rocky outcrops. Besides Nazare beach, Praia da Marinha follows suit as one of Portugal’s and the world’s best beaches. It is situated in the beautiful Algarve region. Some of its other outstanding features include soft sand, steep cliffs, and calm waters which are often conducive for snorkeling.

Numana Altah Beach

Since the air is dominated by the scent of pine trees, the Numana Altah Beach comes out as unspoiled. Add this to the sun, crystal clear sea, delicious ice cream, and good restaurants; it is possible to understand why this beach is Europe’s top destination. It’s a haven for those yearning for a rest or to dip into the sea. The reefs help to shield it from the wind. Fancy? Right?

Carl Pregonda, Menorca Island

Known as the “paradise beach,” Cala Pregonda is among the four largest islands that make up the Balearic archipelago. To get to the beach, you will take a walk along a stunning path. It is a scenic bay location that treats its visitors to rocky formations and golden sand beaches. If you love being under the water, you will be confronted by a beautiful little fish and a feeling of nature.

European beaches have never failed to excite. However, not all of them will offer you the same experience. Nonetheless, you’re bound to have an amazing time your choice notwithstanding. Perhaps this description might help you to sample out the best.

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