The Best Amenities to Experience While Sailing Away On a Yacht

by Julia on August 27, 2019

Whether you own one or not, sailing the seas on a yacht is a dream adventure you wouldn’t want to miss. Surely, your bucket list includes a trip feeling the cold sea breeze with an endless panoramic view of the ocean while partying with friends or family. Imagine spending the night under a constellation of stars, the spectacular aurora borealis or the brilliant underwater lights emitted by sea creatures. And a yacht is the perfect getaway vehicle to spend quality time like this.

There are many fun sea activities you can plan for yourself, partner, family or friends. I bet you are always thinking of stepping onboard a majestic yacht and experiencing the luxurious amenities it can offer. You can go fishing for delectable yellowfin tuna, wait for a pod of dolphins to jump out of the water or be amazed by friendly whales swimming their way to parts unknown. These are just several of the fun things you can do while on board a yacht.

The best part is, you don’t need to own this expensive vehicle to experience the infinite adventures you can do with it. There are many yachts you can rent that provide all the amenities and services at different rates or packages. Here are several of the best experiences that await you in your first yacht trip.

Beautiful Moorage

How about you start with a private parking place for a yacht that implements state-of-the-art technology? The total experience on board a yacht includes docking in and out of the marina and it can’t get any better than a facility that keeps you safe and is close to destinations that allow you to continue your tour after an unforgettable trip on water. Private harbors such as Emerald Landing add an extra level of luxe of your entire trip by providing amenities at a convenient docking point, and being just minutes away from local destinations that you can explore.

Wellness Center

A yacht does not only take you to the best water sites. It also brings the amenities that five-star hotels and resorts provide. For a relaxing vacation under the roof, look for a yacht that features a wellness center to recharge your body and soul.

While the boat is gently swaying on the waves, pamper yourself with a soothing Swedish or Oriental massage under the sunlight. Increase your mindfulness with a yoga session conducted by professional trainers. Flex your muscles while increasing your stamina when you do your regular routine inside an advanced gym. And never miss your beauty regimen while soaking in treatments at a spa. You don’t need to leave the pampering on solid ground when you have a wellness center aboard your yacht.

Retractable Sun Shade

You might enjoy basking under the heat and getting your skin sun-kissed. But, you can’t do it all the time or you’ll end up burned. You need a breather from the heat without leaving the deck when you have an awning system that provides shade when you need it. An automated retractable shade provides instant sun protection whenever you want it. It is convenient to use since you won’t need to set up poles or umbrellas that can be a hassle while you’re doing fun activities.

Sport Courts

How about hitting some tennis balls while the yacht stops in the middle of the ocean or shoot some hoops even as you’re speeding towards your destination? Some yachts are decked out with courts to allow you to get your game on even when you are on the water. Some luxury yachts even have incredible court set-ups to include not just aquatic exercises but your favorite land sports as well.

Infinity pools

People can’t get enough of swimming that they install a pool onboard a yacht. But, this insatiable hunger for a great swimming experience has been elevated with the debut of infinity pools surrounded by comfy lounge chairs. Some yachts even boast of waterfalls that run from the upper deck and fall right down into the pool. Some have mini bars for a quick sip while taking a dip in the pool.

Today, your adventures can be as endless as the ocean and as wild as your imagination. Yachts are serving up unique amenities and luxurious services that will add a new level of chic to your water activities. Plan your first or next trip now and choose among the yacht features you want to experience.

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