5 Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday While Traveling

by Julia on July 29, 2019

Whether you’re a traveling family or vacationing abroad or any other circumstance, a child’s birthday is a momentous occasion that should be celebrated. As a parent, you want to make events like this special, so you do your best to push through with a party no matter what the circumstances. It’s easier to pack party supplies with you on the journey if you know your child’s birthday coincides with your travels.

If not, there are ways you can have all the fanfare even if you’re on a budget. Themed parties are still popular as ever, and they’re usually based on well-known cartoons, movies, or TV series like Stranger Things, Frozen 2, Aladdin, and many more. It may seem a little unconventional to throw a party while on the road, but you’ll be surprised how wonderful it can be.

Here are five ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday while traveling.

Party like a Local

Whether you’re on the other side of the country or the world, the best way to keep a party interesting is to go local. Embrace the customs and traditions in your own little way so you can open up to new experiences and introduce the joy of traveling to your child. If you’ve made local friends, interact with them, and ask advice on how they throw birthday parties.

Food is always a staple, so if you can go local with food, do it too. If traveling is your way of life, keep it interesting by making it a point to celebrate in different parts of the world.

Do a Unique Activity

People travel to see and learn new things, and if you’re in a foreign land, there are many unique things that you may not find at home. Take advantage of this fact by devoting a whole day to do activities in celebration of your kid’s birthday. Make sure that the entertainment is child-appropriate to ensure that everyone has fun.

Start/Continue a Family Birthday Tradition

Engaging in traditions and rituals can help bring the family together. There are things that you can give or do even when you’re on the road in any part of the world. The memories you create with your children in their growing years will be something you all can all fondly think back on.

There are many traditions that aren’t limiting and are free. For example, you can greet your loved ones with a kiss or a full breakfast in bed on the morning of their birthday. If you are the outdoorsy type, greeting the day by watching the sunrise would be a nice tradition as well.

Celebratory Meal

Food is a universal language because everyone understands it. It is essential to humans and is a mainstay for any gathering or party. Something as simple as having a meal together and being with family could be enough.

Treat your kid to their favorite restaurant or dish, and if they ask for cake and ice cream, how can you say no? Birthdays are celebrated only once a year, and if your kid is old enough to understand that you are working on a budget, that’s good.

Video-Call Loved Ones

Being on the road means being away from familiar places and people. For your children, it may mean losing regular contact with grandparents, relatives, teachers, and friends. On your kids’ birthday, surprise them with a planned video call or any other type of communication that is the most convenient for all parties.

It is important to plan early because time zones may vary. You’ll be surprised how your child’s loved ones will easily agree with this arrangement just because they miss them so much. If a call is not possible, a video of them sending your kid their birthday greetings is a suitable alternative.

Are you living a nomadic but exciting lifestyle with your family in tow or planning a getaway birthday party? Share your tips on how you celebrate your child’s birthday in a foreign land in the comments below.

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