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by Julia on July 4, 2019

Situated on the south-west coast of Australia, Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and it has a population of 2 million. It’s fourth on the list of the most populated cities in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Perth has always been a popular choice for Australian migrants which is no shocker because it is ranked the seventh city with the best living standards in the world by The Economist.

After gaining permanent residency in Australia I spent my first five months living in Perth in 2015. If you are contemplating a move to Australia and you do not know where to live here is a breakdown of what Perth, the hotter state’s capital in Australia, has to offer. You can also check for a guide.

Perth lifestyle

I personally enjoy the way of life here. Some of the best beaches in the world can be found in Perth. The most amazing weather, wine and food can also be found here. Residents of Perth and Australia in general are very friendly. It’s a very chill environment and the people are relaxed – that’s the most appropriate description for the way things are around here.

People in Perth regularly meet up at each other’s houses; have barbecues, enjoy each other’s companies and drink some beers. Or having some fun on a budget. A bottle of wine and a package of sausages don’t cost that much. This is the major thing I love about the social life of Perth. You can have fun without going anywhere and spending so much money, and it’s much more amazing if you have a friend who owns the house with a pool or you own a pool yourself. All this and you still get all the bars and nightlife you desire.

Australians also mix very well with foreigners. Majority of the population is accommodating, and if they were throwing a barbecue they wouldn’t mind if you brought along your partner or spouse. They believe the more the merrier and open up their homes to you.

There are definitely someone unfriendly or miserable persons as it is not restricted to a particular geographic location but on the whole, Australians are very welcoming. To give you an idea my social circle includes a New Zealander, an Australian, an Irish girl and a Scottish girl. It won’t take long for you to start seeing soccer instead of football and pants in place of trousers.

Employment opportunities in Perth

Unemployment rates of greater Perth are one of the lowest for major capital cities in Australia. In June 2017 it was as low as 5.7%. The inner city rates are even lower at 3%, which is less than half of what it was in 2016. Read this article from the West Australian if you need more information.

Nightlife in Perth

Bars and restaurants are mostly found on Murray Street in the central business districts and the nightclubs in Northbridge. So, if you are interested in nightlife, Perth will not disappoint you. Areas including Leederville and Subiaco also have a great range of options for cafes and restaurants; in the spring twilight markets spring up around the city as well as pop-up events on every street corner.

The climates in Perth

The Mediterranean climate is what the residents of Perth enjoy, dry summers with high temperatures and cold and rainy winters. Annually there is an average of 139 days of sunshine, it’s the sunniest capital city in Australia. The average high temperature during the summer months ranges from 29 to 32° and in the winter 18 to 19°. The temperature drops at night time during the winter to 78° and 16 to 18° in the summer.

In November 2015 I had been living in Perth since June and I was surprised at how cold the winter nights got, temperatures dropped as low as 2° one night. It also got as high as 40° during the summer which was particularly harsh! It is however presently sunny most of the time.

Best method of transportation in Perth

The drivers in Perth have a reputation for being bad but I have never taken note of this. This is pretty much because I must be one of the trash drivers too! We rarely check our mirrors. We hardly notice when the traffic light is green. And we (I) spend more time singing along to the music from the radio than keeping our eyes on the road ahead.

You really can’t blame residents for their overdependence on their cars. There is widespread criticism about the costs of public transportation in Perth. A trip from Perth to Fremantle which takes 30 minutes costs an unbelievable $4.40, £2.50 equivalent one way. It certainly isn’t cheap to provide an affordable alternative to driving. The train lines serving the city are also inadequate and do not arrive on time or as often as residents would like to use them. Considering Perth is mostly flat, low-lying area and it’s dry most of the time I think more people should cycle for their commute to work. It’s either sheer laziness or the absence of bike lanes in the city that’s at fault but don’t look at me, I walk for my daily commute.


If you are looking for a big and busy city or you are young and you want to experience more of life’s adventures Perth may not be the place for you but if you want a little city life and a little quiet rural life together then it probably is your best option. It’s warm, changing, growing and relaxed.

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